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Born: 14 September 1750, North Brookfield, Massachusetts

Died: 18 November 1835, New Salem, Massachusetts


Solomon Howe graduated from Dartmouth College in 1777, worked for a short time for William Billings, and was preacher, teacher, printer and farmer. His published works include music and poetry: The Worshiper's Assistant, The Farmer’s Evening Entertainment, Divine Hymns on the Sufferings of Christ, and others. His music books contain only his own works. Howe wrote most of the lyrics to The Worshiper's Assistant, explaining in the preface, "The author has put his own hymns to the following tunes (except [Conquest ] and [Solemnity ])…" Many of the lyrics in his second book, The Farmer's Evening Entertainment are also likely by Howe himself, since the title advertises "new hymns."

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  • Howe, Solomon. 1799. Worshiper's Assistant, Containing the Rules of Music, and a Variety of Easy and Plain Psalm Tunes; Adapted to the Weakest Capacities, and Designed for Extensive Utility, as an Introduction to More Critical and Curious Music. Northampton, Massachusetts: Andrew Wright. 31 pp. Second Edition, 1804.
  • Howe, Solomon. 1804. The Farmer's Evening Entertainment, Containing I. Characters, Rules and Directions for Vocal Music; II. A Number of New Tunes of as Various Airs and Metres as the Compass of the Book will admit; III. New Hymns, taken from Sacred Writ, and Adapted to the Tunes; Calculated for Social Worship. Northampton, Massachusetts: Andrew Wright. 32 pp.

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