Salve intemerata

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Tallis's for 5 voices seems to be the only polyphonic setting

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Salve intemerata Virgo Maria, filii Dei genetrix,
prae ceteris electa virginibus: quae ex utero tuae matris Annae,
mulieris sanctissimae, sic a Spiritu Sancto tum sanctificata tum illuminata fuisti,
munitaque tantopere Dei omnipotentis gratia,
ut usque ad conceptum Filii tui, Domini nostri Jesu Christe.
Et dum eum conciperes, ac usque ad partum,
et dum eum pareres, semperque post partum,
virgo omnium quae natae sunt castissima incorruptissima et immaculatissima
et corpore et animo tota vita permanseris.
Tu nimirum universas alias longe superasti virgines
sincerra mentis impollutae concientia,
quotquot vel adhuc fuerunt ab ipso mundi primordio,
vel unquam futurae sunt usque in finem mundi.
Per haec nos praecellentissima gratiae celestis dona tibi,
virgo et mater Maria, prae ceteris omnibus mulieribus et virginibus
a Deo singularitur infusa.
Te precamur, quae miseris mortalibus misericors patrona es,
ut pro peccatis nostris nobis condonandis intercedere digneris
apud Deum patrem omnipotentem eiusque Filium Jesum Christum,
secundum divinitatem quidem ex Patre ante omnia saecula genitum.
Secundum humanitatem autem ex te natum; atque apud Spiritum Sanctum,
ut peccatorum nostrorum maculis tua absteris intercessione,
tecum, sancta Virgo, semper congaudere,
teque in regno caelorum sine fine laudare mereamur. Amen.

English.png English translation

Hail, pure virgin Mary, Mother of the Son of God,
chosen above all other virgins; who from the womb of thy mother Anna, most holy of women,
was by the Holy Spirit first made holy, then filled with light,
and was so greatly fortified by the grace of almighty God,
that until the conception of thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.
And while thou were conceiving Him, and until the birth and while thou were bearing Him,
and always after the birth, remained in body and spirit for your whole life
 the Virgin most pure, most incorruptible, most chaste of all who were born.
Thou truly has surpassed, by the blamelessness of thy pure mind,
all other virgins as many soever as have been either hitherto, from the beginning of the world,
or ever shall be, or ever shall be until the end of the world.
We beseech thee, by this most excellent gift of heavenly grace
imparted particularly from God to thee, Virgin and Mother Mary, above all other women and virgins,
thou who art the merciful protector of unhappy mortals,
to deem it right to intercede with Almighty God
and His son Jesus Christ for our sins to be pardoned,
according to the divinity of One who was begotten of the Father before all worlds,
in accordance with His humanity because he was born of thee;
So we pray to thee, who livest with the Holy Spirit, Holy Virgin,
that when the stains of our sins have been taken away by thy intercession,
we may be considered worthy to rejoice for ever with thee,
praising thee in the Kingdom of Heaven for ever. Amen.