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General information

Description of contents and details of publication

John Foster's first book, Sacred Music, Consisting of Anthems, Psalms and Hymns consists of five strophic metrical psalm tunes (with texts from the 'Old Version'), two strophic hymn tunes and one set-piece (a through-composed setting of the metrical 'Old Version' Psalm 117, O all ye nations of the world, which is apparently the 'anthem' referred to by the book's title). The Hymn Tune Index does not cite any of the seven psalm or hymn tunes as having been published in known pre-1820 sources other than this collection.

Publication date and place: 1818 by S. Knapton in York.

While the book itself is not dated, its date of publication is established as 1818 by an advertisement on p2 of the York Herald on 7 November 1818, which described it as published 'this day'. The advertisement also indicated that Foster's second book, A 2d Collection of Sacred Music, would be published soon, and emphasised the intentionally flexible scoring of his works:



A COLLECTION of SACRED MUSIC, consisting of ANTHEMS, PSALMS, and HYMNS, composed and respectfully dedicated, by permission, to the Right Hon. the Earl of Scarbrough, by JOHN FOSTER, of High Green House, near Sheffield. Book the First, price 10s. 6d.

The several Pieces comprised in this Publication are arranged in Score for Four Voices, with an Accompaniment for the Organ or Piano Forte; also in Parts, for a full Band: They are composed in a style suitable for Country Choirs, or private Performance on Sunday Evenings, &c. and are intended to take a medium between the regular Cathedral Music and the usual Parochial Psalms. In Churches and other Places where there is no Band, they may be Sung independently of Instruments.

Mr. Foster begs leave to thank his numerous Subscribers, and to inform them, that their Copies are now ready for delivery at Mr. Knapton’s Music Warehouse, Coneystreet, York; Mr. Mather’s, Sheffield; Miss Bradley’s, Chesterfield; Mr. Sheardown’s, Doncaster; Miss Wilson’s, Rotherham; Mr. Greaves’s, Barnsley; Mr. Fox’s, Pontefract; Mr. Muff’s, Leeds; Mr. Phillips’s, Wakefield, Mr. Whitley’s, Halifax; and at the Music Shops in Manchester, Stockport, &c.

The great encouragement this Work has received, induces Mr. F. to proceed in the publication of a Second Number, which will be sent to press immediately.

The title page of Sacred Music describes it as 'Respectfully Dedicated, by Permission, to The Rt Honble the Earl of Scarbrough' (i.e. Richard Lumley-Saunderson, 6th Earl of ScarbroughLink to the English Wikipedia article), and notes that the composer was 'of High Green House, near Sheffield'. The book's price is given on the title page as 10s 6d, as stated in the York Herald advertisement, and publication details are given as 'YORK, Printed & Sold by S. Knapton, Coney Street, & to be had of all the Principal Music Sellers in the United Kingdom.'

A preface to the work describes its origins, and indicates the possibility that a series of four or six books of the composer's works might be published, although only two are known:

The extraordinary diligence and success with which Choral Music has been cultivated in the western parts of Yorkshire, and the adjacent borders of Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire, presents a peculiar feature in the local history and habits of that part of England.

Almost every Village has its Choir, accompanied by Instruments; which, in some cases, both in respect of numbers and efficiency, may be said to approach the dignity of an Oratorio.

From amongst the numerous and excellent voices that every where abound, the Metropolis, and most of the Cathedrals in the Kingdom, derive their best Choristers. The Author of this Work has long witnessed these circumstances with much pleasure, and has occasionally devoted a few leisure hours to Musical Composition, with a view to promote and encourage what he considers a laudable and innocent pursuit. These Compositions were circulated in M.S. but the applications for them have latterly become so numerous, as to induce him to publish this selection, which will be speedily followed by a second; and should the very gratifying encouragement he has already received be continued to the Work, it is probable that it may be extended to four or six Books.

A further note after the list of subscribers reiterates Foster's intention to publish the second book imminently:

Mr. FOSTER begs to return thanks to his numerous Subscribers: he hopes that none will be offended should their Names be accidentally omitted. The very flattering support afforded to this Work, encourages him to proceed in the publication of a second Number, which will be sent to press immediately.


The Rt. Hon. the EARL of SCARBOROUGH.Link to the English Wikipedia article

Rev. William Alderson, Aston, Yorkshire.
Rev. R. Affleck, Doncaster, ditto.
Christopher Alderson, Esq. Wales, ditto.
Christopher Alsop, Esq. Liverpool
Mr. George Armitage, Owlerton, Yorkshire.
Mr. Joseph Ashby, Bradfield, ditto.
James Atkinson, Esq. York.
Mr. George Ashton, Greenside, Yorkshire.
Mr. Charles Ashley, London.

Sir William Bagshaw, Oakes, Derbyshire.
William John Bagshaw, Esq. ditto, ditto.
Staniforth Beckett, Esq. Barnsley, Yorkshire.
M. Bower, Esq. Tickhill, ditto.
Rev. Edward Bracken, D. D Snaith, ditto.
Rev. Thomas Brown, Tideswell, Derbyshire.
J. M. Brown, Esq. ditto, ditto.
J. C. Brown, Esq. Eyam, ditto.
R. Brown, Esq. Manchester.
Mr J. Barge, Broughton, Lancashire.
Mr. J. Bentley, jun. Stockport, Cheshire.
Mr. James Brown, Heaton, ditto.
Mr. William Barnes, Oldham, Lancashire.
Mr. John Barge, Broughton, ditto.
Mr. John Birks, Hemingfield, Yorkshire.
Mr. Robert Beatson, Rotherham, ditto.
Thomas Brook, Esq. Doncaster, ditto.
Mr. Brailsford, Organist, ditto, ditto.
Mr. James Barton, Chapel-Town, ditto.
Mr. Joseph Bradbury, Harewood, ditto. 2 Copies.
Mr. Robert Bennett, Organist, Sheffield. 2 Copies.
Miss M. Booth, Cliffe-House, Yorkshire,
Miss A. Booth, ditto, ditto.
Rev. A. C. Broomhead, Ecklington, Derbyshire.
Mr. Backhouse, Tadcaster, Yorkshire.
Mr. Jeremiah Bramhall, Spring-Head, Saddleworth, Yorkshire.
Mr. John Bramhall, ditto, ditto.
Mr. Balls, Oxford Street, London.

Rev. Stuart Corbett, D. D.Link to the English Wikipedia article Coatfield, Yorkshire. 2 Copies.
Rev. - Carey, D. D. Sutton Rectory.
Mr. John Croft, Greenhill, Derbyshire.
William Carr, Esq. Wath, Yorkshire.
Mr. Close, Rotherham, ditto.
Wm. Chadwick, Esq. Pontefract, ditto. 2 Copies.
Mr. Cooper, Barnsley, ditto.
Mr. James Campbell, Knedlington, ditto.
Charles Coupland, Esq. Leeds, ditto.
Richard Coupland, Esq. ditto, ditto.
Charles Champion, Esq. Blyth, Nottinghamshire.
Mr. William Coe, Thornhill, Yorkshire.
Mr. Cartwright, Bawtry, ditto.
Mr. M. Chambers, Thorncliffe, dito.
Mr. M. Chambers, jun. Chapel-Town, ditto.
Mr. John Cawood, Whitley, ditto.
Mr. Richard Carr, Woodhead, ditto.
Mr. H. Cautley, Ouseburn, Knaresbro'
Mr. J. Camidge, Mus. Bac. York.
Churchwardens of Tideswell, Derbys.Link to the English Wikipedia article 2 Copies.
Ditto of Buxton, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto of Tankersley, Yorkshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto of Ecclesfield, dittoLink to the English Wikipedia article, 4 Copies.
Ditto of Tickhill, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto of Cawthorn, dittoLink to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto of Staveley, Derbyshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Choir of Singers, at Barlow, DerbyshireLink to the English Wikipedia article, 2 Copies.
Ditto, ditto, at Taddington, near BurtonLink to the English Wikipedia article, ditto.
Ditto, ditto, at the Sunday-Schools, Stockport, Cheshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Longnor, Derbyshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Castleton, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Church Sterndale, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Eyam, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Wortley, Yorkshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Thorncliffe Chapel, ditto.
Ditto, ditto, at Harewood, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Ecclesfield, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Thornhill, ditto.
Ditto, ditto, at Horbury, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Choir of Singers, at Brayton, Yorkshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Drax, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Tickhill, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Wath, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Handsworth, dittoLink to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at North Wingfield, Derbyshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Brampton, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Wormhill, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Wittington, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Braithwell, Yorkshire.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ditto, ditto, at Barnby Dun, ditto.Link to the English Wikipedia article

Rev. - Dixon, LL. D. Staveley, Derbyshire.
Rev. William Dixon, York.
Rev. M. Dixon, Thornhill, Yorkshire. 2 Copies.
Rev. D. Donkersley, Loxley Chapel, ditto.
John Deakyne, Esq. Darley, Derbyshire.
Ingleson Dacre, Esq. Bank-Ripon, Yorkshire.
Mr. John Darwent, Chapel-Town, Yorkshire. 2 Copies.
Mr. John Dyson, Hoyland Swain, ditto.

The Right Hon. the Countess of Erne.
- Entwistle, Esq. Rusholm, near Manchester.
Rev. William Ellis, Doncaster.
Mr. J. Emmerson, London. 12 Copies.
Miss Earnshaw, Goole, Yorkshire.
Mr. William Ellison, Thorpe, Selby, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Evans, Tideswell, Derbyshire.
Mr. John Elliott, Sheffield.
Mr. Richard Ellis, Midhope, Yorkshire.

The Right Hon. Earl Fitzwilliam.Link to the English Wikipedia article
John Fullarton, Esq. Thrybergh Park, Yorkshire.
Rev. Francis Foxlow, Staveley, Derbyshire.
Rev. Thomas Field, Barlow, ditto.
Col. F. Fenton, Sheffield.
- Froggatt, Esq. Badsworth, Yorkshire.
Mr. John Fearnally, Stockport, Cheshire.
Mr. George Flower, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Mr. Thomas Fletcher, Thornton, ditto.
Mr. Faulds, Worsbrough, ditto.
Mr. John Faris, Tickhill, ditto.
Miss Fox, Pontefract, ditto.
Mr. John Fox, ditto, ditto.
Mr. George Fox, ditto, ditto.
Mr. John Foster, Knaresbro', ditto.
Mr. John Foster, Lingodell, Yorkshire.
M. Joseph Foster, Ecclesfield, ditto.

Lord Viscount Gallway
Rev. Francis Gisborne, Rector of Staveley, Derbyshire.
Thomas Gresham, Esq. Barnby-Dun, Yorkshire.
Mrs. Gresham, ditto, ditto.
Mr. Gregory, Manton, Worksop, Nottinghamsh.
Peter Gaskell, Esq. Bullock-Smithy, Cheshire.
Mr. Thomas Gaskell, Bugsworth, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Garside, Stockport, ditto.
Mr. John Goddard, Hucklow, Derbyshire.
Mr. John Green, Walkley, Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Mr. John Green, Worsbrough, ditto.
Mr. Joseph Glossop, Fullwood, Sheffield, ditto.
Mr. William Geldart, Stannington, ditto.
Mr. John Glossop, Rotherham, ditto.
J. Garland, Esq. Tyers-Hill, Barnsley, ditto.

The Right Hon. the Earl of HarewoodLink to the English Wikipedia article
Lady Harland, Sutton-Hall, Yorkshire.
Rev. Thomas Hill, Romily, Derbyshire.
Rev. Thomas Hobson, Bakewell, ditto.
Dr Hague, Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Ralph Hall, Esq. Staley Bridge, Chesh. 2 Copies.
P. Heacock, Esq. Buxton, Derbyshire.
Mr. F. Hill, York.
Mr. G. Hounsfield, Sheffield.
Miss M. Hounsfield, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Howard, ditto.
Mr. William Howard, ditto.
Mr. Hutchinson, ditto.
Mr. Andrew A. Hardy, ditto.
Mr. John Hounsfield, ditto.
Mrs. Haugh, Doncaster, Yorkshire.
Miss Hale, Barnby-Dun, ditto.
Mr. J. M. Hepworth, Pontefract, ditto.
Mr. J. Howson, Cawthorn, ditto.
Mr. G. Hartley, Tadcaster, ditto.
Mr. Hepworth, Farnley, ditto.
Mr. John Hepworth, Huddersfield, ditto.
Mr. William Hardwick, Dishley, Cheshire.
Messrs. Hall & Boden, Tideswell, Derbyshire
Mr. Joseph Hobson, Dronfield, ditto.
Mr. G. Heathcote, Bakewell, ditto.

Mr. Richard Hancock, Manchester.
Mr. Robert Hall, ditto.
Mr. John Higson, Stockport.
Mr. Henry Howard, Tideswell, Derbyshire.
Mr. James Hawksley, Ecclesfield, Derbyshire.
John Hoyland, Esq. Brierley, ditto.
Mr. John Hawksworth, Ecclesfield, ditto.
Mr. John Hall, Chapel-Town, ditto.
Harmonic Society at Morley, Lancashire.
Mrs. Harrop, Grass-Croft, Saddleworth.

I, J
Mr. John Ibberson, Hayfield, Cheshire.
Mr. Johnson, New Mills, Derbyshire.
Mrs. Jones, Howden, Yorkshire.
Mr. Joshua Jackson, Wentworth, ditto.
Mr. William Johnson, Thorne, ditto.

The Rev. - King, Whitwell, Derbysh. 2 Copies.
Mr. Samuel Knapton, York, 2 Copies.
Mr. P. Knapton, ditto, 2 Copies.
Mr. John Knowles, Hoyland.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Lascelles.
The Rt. Hon. Lady Lascelles.
The Hon. Frederick Lumley, Tickhill, Yorksh.
The Rev. John Lowe, Wentworth, ditto.
The Rev. Richard Lacy, Whiston, ditto, 2 Copies.
Darcy Lever, Esq. near Pontefract, ditto.
Mr. Robert Lindley, London.
Messrs. Leech and Baker, Tideswell, Derby.
Messrs. Longden, Tideswell, ditto.
Mr. James Leech, Stockport, Cheshire.
J. H. Lloyd, Esq. Stockport, ditto.
Thomas Lomas, Esq. Glutton, Staffordshire.
Mr. John Lawton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, 2 Copies.
Mr. Richard Lodge, Thornhill, Yorkshire.
Mr. Thomas Loxley, Ecclesfield, ditto.

The Rt. Hon. the Earl of MexbroughLink to the English Wikipedia article
The Rt. Hon. Lord Milton
Rev. H. S. Milner, LL.D. Thrybergh, Yorkshire.
- Menzies, Esq. Harewood, ditto.
Mr. John Mason, Manchester.
Mr. Joseph Mason, Thorne, Yorkshire.
Mr. Muff, Leeds, ditto, Jorkshire. 2 Copies.
Mr. Joseph Mayor, Stockport, Cheshire.
Mr. Morey, Doncaster, Yorkshire.
Mr. Sam. Mather, Organist, Sheffield, 2 Copies.
Mr. Masden, Tankersley, Yorkshire.
Mr. John Milner, Woolley, ditto.
Mr. Joseph Methley, Barnsley, ditto.
Mr. Mould, Howden, 2 Copies.
Mrs. Mellor, Shire-Green, Yorkshire.
Mr. Nat. Moorwood, Potter Hill, Yorkshire.

His Grace the Duke of Norfolk.Link to the English Wikipedia article
The Rev. T. Newton, Bradfield, Yorkshire.
John Nettleship, Esq. Tickhill, ditto.
Mr. George Newton, Thorncliffe, ditto.
Messrs. Newtons, Tideswell, Derbyshire.
Mr. Noke, York.

Mr. Samuel Outram, Ashover, Derbyshire.

The Rt. Hon Lord Pollington
The Rev. - Paley, Easingwold, Yorkshire.
Edward Parker, Esq. Selby, ditto.
Thomas Pearson, Esq. Mayor of Doncaster.
James Porter, Esq. Garforth, Yorkshire.
Miss Alice Pearson, Howden, ditto.
Mr. George Pilkington, Elmsall, ditto.
George Pyemont, Esq. Pontefract, ditto.
Mr. W. Pilkington, Thorne, ditto.
Mr. John Potts, Chapel-le-Frith, Cheshire.
Mr. Joseph Pollard, Manchester.
Mr. G. Pigot, Bolton, Yorkshire.
Mr. Phillips. Wakefield, ditto, 4 Copies.
Mr. James Poppleton, Brayton, ditto.
Mr. Patrick, West-End, near Harrogate, ditto.

Wm. Rocliffe, Esq. M. D. Easingwold, Yorksh.
The Rev. C. H. Reaston, Barlbrough, Derbyshire.
James Rimmington, Esq. Broomhead-Hall, Yorksh.
Messrs. Redfearn and Jackson, Tideswell, Derby.
Mr. George Roberts, Rawmarsh, Yorkshire.
Mr. John Revill, Maltby, ditto.
Mr. John Rider, Greno-House, ditto.
Mr. Joshua Reddish, Mottram, Cheshire.
Mr. Race, Horbury, Yorkshire.
Mr. Raywood, Barnsley, Yorkshire.
Mr. Raynes. Billingley, ditto.

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Surrey.Link to the English Wikipedia article
The Rev. R. C. Smith, Edensor, Derbyshire.
The Rev. J. Sanderson, A. M. Tankersley, Yorkshire.
The Rev. F. Swan, Lincoln.
The Rev. John Saville, Shire Oaks, Nottinghamshire.
The Rev. J. Short, Ashover, Derbyshire.
Mr. Joseph Skelton, Manchester.
John Shaw, Esq. Barlow, Derbyshire.
Mr. Sadler, Leeds, Yorkshire.
Mr. Scratchard, Halifax, ditto.
Mr. G. Smith, Wakefield, ditto.
William Smith, Esq. Cowley, ditto,
Miss Smith, Cowley, ditto.
Richard Stanley, Esq. Sheffield, ditto.
J. R. Sanderson, Esq. Tankersley, ditto.
Mr. John Smith, Wombwell, ditto.
Sam. Spofforth, Esq. High-Fields, ditto. 3 Copies.
Mrs. Scholfield, Howden, ditto.
Miss Ann Spofforth, Howden, ditto.
William Scholfield, Esq. Sand-Hall, ditto.
Mr. John Scholfield, Gawber-Hall, ditto.
Mr. Suett, Doncaster, ditto, 6 Copies.
Mr. J. H. Savage, Doncaster, ditto.
Mr. William Sheardown, jun. Doncaster, ditto.
Miss Simpson, Adwick-Hall, Doncaster, ditto.
Mr. Isaac Smith, Thurlston, ditto.
Mr. Wm. Sanders, Kesforth-Hill, Barnsley, ditto.
Joseph Shaw, Esq. Staincross, ditto.

The Rev. T. F. Twigge, Tickhill, Yorkshire.
The Rev. T. Trebeck, Wath, ditto, 2 Copies.
Mr. John Turner, Bolsover, Derbyshire.
Mr. Charles Turner, Stockport, Cheshire.
Mr. William Turner, Hayfield, ditto.
Edward Trueman, Esq. Pontefract.
William Turner, Esq. Kilnhirst.
- Thompson, Esq. Welbeck, Nottinghamsh.
Mr. J. Townsend, Edwardthorp, Barnsley, Yorkshire.
Joseph Taylor, Esq. Heath, Halifax, ditto.

The Rev. A. C. Verelst, Doncaster.

J. A. S. Wortley, M. P.Link to the English Wikipedia article
The Rt. Hon. Lady Caroline Wortley.
Samuel Walker, Esq. M. P. Aldwarke, Yorksh.Link to the English Wikipedia article
Henry Walker, Esq. Blythe, Nottinghamshire.
Mrs. Walker, Blythe, ditto.
The Rev. T. Woodcock, Swillington.
The Rev. John Whitaker, Garforth, Yorkshire.
Miss Whitehead, Easingwold, Yorkshire.
Thomas Woodcock, Esq. Doncaster, ditto.
S. B. Ward, Esq. Mount-Pleasant, ditto.
Thomas West, Esq. Cawthorn, ditto.
Mr. John Wilson, Macclesfield, Cheshire.
Mr. James Wild, New Mills, ditto.
Michael Walter, Esq. Stockport, ditto.
Mr. William Wigfield, Hoyland, Yorkshire.
Mr. G. Wilson, Birkinshaw, Bradford, ditto.
Mr. John Wilson, Birkinshaw, ditto.
Mr. White, Organist, Harewood, ditto, 2 Copies.
H. B. Woodcock, Esq. Stirrup-Hall, Nottinghamshire.
Mr. Wade, Chapel-Town, Yorkshire.
Mr. W. Whitelock, Cross-Street Manchester.
Richard Waterworth, Esq. Wressel-Castle, Yorkshire.
Miss Wells, Booth-Ferry, ditto.
Mr. Joseph Wall, Ashover, Derbyshire.
Mr. N Whiteley, Halifax, Yorkshire.
Mr. S. Wigfield, Potter-Hill, ditto.
Mr. T. Walker, Woodall, Barnsley, ditto.
Mr. William Wrigley, Arksey, ditto.
Mr. Joseph Westerman, Hesley, Sheffield, ditto.
Mr. J. D. Whitehead, Saddleworth, ditto.
Mr. Thomas Whitehead, Quick, Saddleworth, ditto.
Mr. George Wilkinson, Standard Hill, Nottinghamshire. 4 Copies.

List of works

Pages Description Text
011-3 Morning Hymn. To be sung at the commencement of Divine Service. God of the morning, at whose voice
024-7 Psalm 95. Sternhold & Hopkins Metre. O come let us lift up our voice
038-12 Psalm 125th Old Version. Such as in God the Lord do trust
0413-18 Psalm 119th Verses 5, 6, 7, 8. Old Version. O would to God it might thee please
0519-22 Psalm 138th Old Version. Thee will I praise with my whole heart
0623-28 Psalm 96th Old Version. Sing ye with praise unto the Lord
0729-45 Psalm 117th Old Version O all ye nations of the world
0846-52 Dismission. To be sung at the End of Divine Service. Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
God of the morning, at whose voice 1818 1-3 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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