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Royal 11 E. xi is a manuscript now housed in the British Library, produced in 1516 for Henry VIII and his household. The elaborate illuminations are in a heavily Flemish style and the music therein (including the English but continentally influenced Sampson, and Henry VIII's new Italian privy chamber organist, Benedictus de Opiciis) both reflect the fashions of the period.

Publication date and place: 1516 Manuscript.

The scribe of the manuscript is otherwise uncertain, but scholars have argued that Alamire is its creator. The evidence is scant (although the hand is very close to Alamire's when compared to his work in other manuscripts), although the first (otherwise blank) page contains the inscription "Me fieri ac componi fecit PO" (PO caused me to be created and put together), "PO" perhaps and abbreviation of the Flemish version of Alamire's name, combined with the upside-down "v" and cross above it ("t") that connect the two letters, perhaps signifying P[eter] v[an] t[en] [H]o[ve]; however, it may also be the commission of P[etrus de] O[piciis], the father of the composer Benedictus de Opiciis whose work is included in this manuscript.


No. Title Composer Parts Notes
1.   Salve radix AnonymousAnonymous 4 "The Rose Canon" - two canonic spirals at the upper fourth which contain two voices each
2.   Psallite felices II, SampsonSampson II 4
3.   Sub tuum praesidium De Opiciis, BenedictusBenedictus de Opiciis 4 One of only two surviving motets by de Opiciis
4.   Quam pulchra es II, SampsonSampson II 5
5.   Haec est praeclarum vas II, SampsonSampson II* 4 *Only attributed to Sampson II, authorship otherwise uncertain
6.   Beati omnes qui timent Dominum JacotinJacotin* 3 *Only attributed to Jacotin in this source, but confirmed by at least two others as being by him. However, it may be the work of Sampson II, the lack of attribution in this source of Haec est praeclarum vas perhaps pointing to the pieces which follow Quam pulchra es as being his work.

Works at CPDL

No. Title Composer Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
1 Salve radix (The Rose Canon) Anonymous Sacred Motets 4 SATB
3 Sub tuum praesidium Benedictus de Opiciis Sacred Motets 4 ATTB

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