Request:Wedding Chorales (BWV 250-252) (Johann Sebastian Bach)

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Title: Wedding Chorales (BWV 250-252)

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Date of request: 2002-04-01

Requested by: Ilza Nogueira

Additional notes: These choirs are considered "Trauungen Chören (Wedding chorales). They also appear under other numbers and are individually named so:

  • 347 Was Gott tut das ist wohlgetan
Same text: see Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • 329 Sei Lob und Ehr dem höchsten Gut
Same text: see this score
  • 330 Nun danket alle Gott
Same text: see Nun danket alle Gott (Johann Sebastian Bach)

Status: Completed