Request:Nasce la gioja mia (madrigal) (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)

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Title: Nasce la gioja mia (madrigal)

Composer: Giovan Leonardo Primavera

Date of request: 2002-10-02

Requested by: Jonas

Additional notes: Did somebody can tell, where can find choral music sheet: Palestrina madrigal Nasce la gioja mia, we are mixed church choir "Sopranai" from Lithuania and sing renaissance music, and this piece is very nice, but we can't sing without sheet :-)...

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2014-01-15

Edition notes: This madrigal is not from Palestrina, it is from a composer called Primavera. Palestrina only composed a Mass, Missa Nasce la gioja mia on the base of this madrigal, which was recorded by the Tallis Scholars.

Location of requested score: Nasce la gioia mia (Giovan Leonardo Primavera)