Request:Missa Salisburgensis (Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber)

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Title: Missa Salisburgensis

Composer: Heinrich Biber

Date of request: 2003-05-11

Requested by: Matt Neugebauer

Additional notes: choose a movement, or do the whole thing, but full score, PDF is preferable. thanks a bunch!

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2008-03-16

Volunteer: Philip Legge

Edition notes: I might do the Kyrie and the motet Plaudite tympana at some point. Doing the whole mass is way too unlikely, except for scanning in the 1903 score by Guido Adler (which might be more suitably published at IMSLP). Philip Legge @ © Φ 19:35, 22 November 2007 (PST)

Location of requested score: Missa_Salisburgensis_(Heinrich_Biber)