Request:Downderry down (Antonius de (?) Aggere)

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Title: Downderry down

Composer: Antonius de (?) Aggere

Date of request: 2002-03-30

Requested by: Julio L?? Agudo

Additional notes: This piece appears in King'singers CD "De Janequin aux Beatles"

  • Editor note: also requested by Alycie MacArdle 04.08.2002

I noticed one other person has requested this under \Adrian d'Aggere\. I hope I am not mistaken, but I believe the composer is perhaps William Daggere from the early 16th century? I love this site. It is a very helpful resource!

  • Editor note: also requested by Joseph Nicolas 06.26.2004

The third request for this piece... I'm looking for it since I heard it in the king's singers' CD \De jannequin aux Beatles\ for... 3 years !!! Plaese help me !!! I'm in love with this song !!!

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2008-10-28

Volunteer: Martin Schubert

Location of requested score: Downderry down (William Daggere)