Request:Christ lag in Todesbanden (Cantata BWV 4) (Johann Sebastian Bach)

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Title: Christ lag in Todesbanden (Cantata BWV 4)

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Date of request: 2003-05-07

Requested by: Jean Imperatrice

Additional notes: You have 'Sinfonia' and Versi 1,2,3,6. We are a chorale in Northern Idaho, and we would like to perform the entire work. We need Versus 4, Versus 5 and Versus 7 (if there is one - our director is not sure). Any chance of having them available by November of 2003? We would like to perform the cantata next spring, and we'd need the remaining portions by late fall/early winter to make this happen. Thank you.

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2002-03-21

Volunteer: Helmut Kickton

Location of requested score: Cantata BWV 4 - Christ lag in Todesbanden (Johann Sebastian Bach)