Request:Carol of the Bells (Mykola Leontovich, arr. Peter Wilhousky)

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Title: Carol of the Bells

Composer: Traditional

Date of request: 2003-11-25

Requested by: Joshua Rey S. Albari

Additional notes: This is arranged by Leontovich and Maggs. Please find one for our christmas carols, please.

This is NOT a traditional carol. The original music by Leontovich (1877 - 1921) was composed in 1916 and is titled Shchedryk. However, the carol arrangement that everyone knows is by Peter Wilhousky (1902 - 1978), and as it was arranged in 1936 it is still under Copyright! An arrangement with the same music but different words is Ring Christmas Bells (Mykola Leontovich), available at CPDL.
However, Leontovich's Shchedryk is out of copyright...

Status: Copyright-restricted

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