Quod chorus vatum

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Quod chorus vatum is a hymn for first Vespers at the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin, and is attributed to Rabanus Maurus (ca.776-856).


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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Quod chorus vatum venerandus olim
Spiritu Sancto cecinit repletus,
in Dei factum genitrice constat
esse Maria.

Haec Deum caeli Dominumque terrae
virgo concepit peperitque virgo,
atque post partum meruit manere

Quem senex justus Simeon in ulnis
in domo sumpsit Domini, gavisus
ob quod optatum proprio videret
lumine Christum.

Tu libens votis, petimus, precantum,
regis aeterni genetrix, faveto,
clara quae fundis Geniti benigni
munera lucis.

Christe, qui lumen Patris es superni,
qui Patris nobis reseras profunda,
nos fac aeterne tibi ferre laudes
lucis in aula.

English.png English translation

All prophets hail thee, from of old announcing,
by the inbreathèd Spirit of the Father,
God's Mother, bringing prophecies to fullness
Mary the maiden.

Thou the true Virgin Mother of the Highest,
bearing incarnate God in awed obedience,
meekly acceptest for a sinless offspring

In the high temple Simeon receives thee,
takes to his bent arms with a holy rapture
that promised Savior, vision of redemption,
Christ long awaited.

Now the fair realm of paradise attaining,
and to thy Son's throne, Mother of the Eternal,
raisèd all glorious, yet in earth's devotion
join with us always.

Glory and worship to the Lord of all things
pay we unresting, who alone adorèd,
Father and Son and Spirit, in the highest
reigneth eternal.
Translation by Thomas Alexander Lacey