Quis dabit oculis

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General information

Lament on the death of Queen Anne of Brittany (1514). Based on text from her funeral sermon. Ludwig Senfl reused the text minor changes for a lament on the death of Emperor Maximilian I.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Quis dabit oculis nostris fontem lacrymarum et plorabimus die ac nocte coram Domino?
Germania/Britannia, quid ploras? Musica, cur siles?/Musica sileat.
Austria, cur induta veste reproba/Francia, cur deducta lugubri veste moerore consumeris?

Heu, nobis Domine, defecit Maximilianus/Anna!
Gaudium cordis nostri conversus est in luctum;
cecidit corona capitis nostri.

Ergo ululate pueri, plorate sacerdotes,
lugite cantores, plangite nobiles et dicite:
Maximilianus/Anna requiescat in pace.

English.png English translation

Who will give our eyes a fountain of tears to weep day and night before the Lord?
Germany/Britain, why do you weep? Music, why do you keep silent?/Music shall keep silent.
Austria, why are you going in rags/France, why did you tear your vest in mourning and are spent with grief?

Alas, Lord, Maximilian/Anne has passed away!
The joy of our hearts was turned into mourning;
The crown has fallen from our head.

Therefore, boys howl, priests weep,
the singing men lament, the nobles weep and say:
 May Maximilian/Anne rest in peace.

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