Quae est ista quae processit

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General information

Source of text: Responsory for the Assumption. One of a number of texts beginning Quae est ista (also including Quae est ista quae progreditur, as set by Palestrina and others).

Settings by composers

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Texts and Translations

Latin.png Latin text

Quae est ista quae processit1 sicut sol
et formosa tanquam Jerusalem?
Viderunt eam filiae Sion
et beatam dixerunt2
et reginae laudaverunt eam.

2nd part - La Fage
Quae est ista quae ascendit per desertum,
sicut virgula fumi
ex aromatibus myrrhae et thuris.

2nd part - Manchicourt
Ista est speciosa inter filias Jerusalem,
pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol,
cuius odor vestimentorum
super omnia aromata.

2nd part - Gombert/Massaino/Wismes
Et3 sicut dies verni circundabant eam
flores rosarum et lilia convallium.
[Viderunt eam...]4

Continuation - Parma
Et sicut dies verni circumdabant eam
flores rosarum et lilia convallium
cuius inaestimabilis odor erat nimis
in vestimentis eius.

1. Manchicourt has ascendit.
2. Parma omits et beatam dixerunt.
3. Wismes omits Et.
4. Wismes repeats Viderunt eam....

English.png English translation

Who is she that came forth [ascended] like the sun
and beautiful as Jerusalem?
The daughters of Sion saw her
[and called her blessed]
and queens praised her.

2nd part - La Fage
Who is this that ascended from the wilderness
like a plume of smoke
from the spices of myrrh and incense.

2nd part - Manchicourt
This is the fair one among the daughters of Jerusalem,
beautiful as the moon, excellent as the sun,
the scent of whose garments
is above all spices.

2nd part - Gombert/Massaino/Wismes
[And] like a spring day, rose blooms
and lilies of the valley surrounded her.

Continuation - Parma
And like a spring day, rose blooms
and lilies of the valley surrounded her,
the inestimably strong scent of which was
on her clothes.

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