Psalm 56

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 55)

Latin.png Latin text

1  In finem, pro populo qui a sanctis longe factus est. David in tituli inscriptionem,
cum tenuerunt eum Allophyli in Geth.
2  Miserere mei, Deus, quoniam conculcavit me homo; tota die impugnans, tribulavit me.
3  Conculcaverunt me inimici mei tota die, quoniam multi bellantes adversum me.
4  Ab altitudine
  diei timebo: ego vero in te sperabo.
5  In Deo laudabo sermones meos; in Deo speravi: non timebo
quid faciat mihi caro.
6  Tota die verba mea execrabantur; adversum me omnes cogitationes eorum in malum.
7  Inhabitabunt, et abscondent; ipsi calcaneum meum observabunt. Sicut sustinuerunt animam meam,
8  pro nihilo salvos facies illos; in ira populos confringes.
9  Deus, vitam meam annuntiavi tibi; posuisti lacrimas meas in conspectu tuo,
sicut et in promissione tua:
10  tunc convertentur inimici mei retrorsum. In quacumque die invocavero te, ecce cognovi
quoniam Deus meus es.
11  In Deo laudabo verbum; in Domino laudabo sermonem.
  In Deo speravi: non timebo quid faciat mihi homo.
12  In me sunt, Deus, vota tua, quae reddam, laudationes tibi:
13  quoniam eripuisti animam meam de morte, et pedes meos de lapsu, ut placeam coram Deo in lumine viventium.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

  Unto the end, for a people far removed from the saints. David is in the inscription of the title,
when they laid hold on him in Gath of the Philistines.
1  Be merciful unto me, O God, for man goeth about to devour me: he is daily fighting, and troubling me.
2  Mine enemies are daily in hand to swallow me up: for they be many that fight against me,
  O thou most Highest.
3  Nevertheless, though I am sometime afraid: yet put I my trust in thee.
4  I will praise God, because of his word: I have put my trust in God, and will not fear
what flesh can do unto me.
5  They daily mistake my words: all that they imagine is to do me evil.
6  They hold all together, and keep themselves close: and mark my steps, when they lay wait for my soul.
7  Shall they escape for their wickedness: thou, O God, in thy displeasure shalt cast them down.
8  Thou tellest my flittings; put my tears into thy bottle:
are not these things noted in thy book?
9  Whensoever I call upon thee, then shall mine enemies be put to flight: this I know;
for God is on my side.
10  In God's word I will rejoice: in the Lord's word will I comfort me.
11  Yea, in God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.
12  Unto thee, O God, will I pay my vows: unto thee will I give thanks.
13  For thou hast delivered my soul from death, and my feet from falling: that I may walk before God in the light of the living.

Metrical 'Old Version' (John Hopkins)

English.png English text

Have mercy, Lord, on me, I pray,
For man would me devour:
He fighteth with me day by day,
And troubleth me each hour.

My foes do daily enterprise
To swallow me outright;
To fight against me many rise,
O thou Most High of might.

When they would make me sore afraid
With boasts and brags of pride,
I trust in thee alone for aid,
By thee I will abide.

God's promise I do mind and praise,
O Lord, I stick to thee;
I do not care at all essays
What flesh can do to me.

What things I either did or spake,
They wrest them at their will;
And all the counsel that they take
Is how to work me ill:

They all consent themselves to hide,
Close watch for me to lay;
They spy my paths, and snares have try'd
To take my life away.

Shall they escape, on mischief set?
Thou, God, on them wilt frown;
For in thy wrath thou dost not let
To throw whole kingdoms down.

Thou seest how oft they made me flee,
And on my tears dost look;
Reserve them in a glass by thee,
And write them in thy book.

When I do call upon thy Name,
My foes away do start;
I well perceive it by the same
That God doth take my part.

I glory in the word of God,
To praise it I accord,
With joy I will declare abroad
The promise of the Lord.

I trust in God the Lord, and say,
As I before began,
The Lord he is my help and stay,
I do not care for man.

I will perform with heart most free
My vows to God always,
And I, O Lord, all times to thee
Will offer thanks and praise.

My soul from death thou dost defend,
And keep'st my feet upright,
That I before thee may ascend
With such as live in light.

New Version Metrical Psalter (Tate & Brady)

English.png English text

1. Do thou, O God, in mercy help,
for man my life pursues;
To crush me with repeated wrongs
he daily strife renews.

2. Continually my spiteful foes
to ruin me combine;
Thou seest, who sitt'st enthroned on high,
what mighty numbers join.

3. But though sometimes surprised by fear,
(on danger's first alarm,)
Yet still for succor I depend
on thy Almighty arm.

4. God's faithful promise I shall praise:
on which I now rely:
In God I trust, and, trusting him,
the arm of flesh defy.

5. They wrest my words, and make them speak
a sense they never meant:
Their thoughts are all, with restless spite,
on my destruction bent.

6. In close assemblies they combine,
and wicked projects lay;
They watch my steps, and lie in wait
to make my soul their prey.

7. Shall such injustice still escape?
O righteous God, arise;
Let thy just wrath, (too long provoked,)
this impious race chastise.

8. Thou number'st all my steps, since first
I was compelled to flee;
My very tears are treasured up,
and registered by thee.

9. When therefore I invoke thy aid,
my foes shall be o'erthrown;
For I am well assured that God
my righteous cause will own.

10,11. I'll trust God's word, and so despise
the force that man can raise;
12. To thee, O God, my vows are due;
to thee I'll render praise.

13. Thou hast retrieved my soul from death,
and thou wilt still secure
The life thou hast so oft preserved,
and make my footsteps sure;

That thus protected by thy pow'r
I may this light enjoy,
And in the service of my God
my lengthened days employ.

Isaac Watts paraphrase, 1717

English.png English text

O Thou whose justice reigns on high,
And makes the oppressor cease,
Behold how envious sinners try
To vex and break my peace.

The sons of violence and lies
Join to devour me, Lord;
But as my hourly dangers rise,
My refuge is thy word.

In God most holy, just, and true,
I have reposed my trust;
Nor will I fear what flesh can do,
The offspring of the dust.

They wrest my words to mischief still,
Charge me with unknown faults;
Mischief doth all their counsels fill,
And malice all their thoughts.

Shall they escape without thy frown?
Must their devices stand?
O cast the haughty sinner down,
And let him know thy hand.

God counts the sorrows of his saints,
Their groans affect his ears;
Thou hast a book for my complaints,
A bottle for my tears.

When to thy throne I raise my cry,
The wicked fear and flee;
So swift is prayer to reach the sky,
So near is God to me.

In thee, most holy, just, and true,
I have reposed my trust;
Nor will I fear what man can do,
The offspring of the dust.

Thy solemn vows are on me, Lord,
Thou shalt receive my praise;
I'll sing, "How faithful is thy word,
How righteous all thy ways!"

Thou hast secured my soul from death,
O set thy prisoner free!
That heart and hand, and life and breath,
May be employ'd for thee.

Káldi fordítás (55. zsoltár)

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Végig a népért, mely a szentélytől távol volt, Dávid emlékirása, midőn őt a filiszteusok Getben tartóztatták.
Könyörűlj rajtam, Isten! mert összetipor engem az ember; egész nap ostromolván, szorongat engem.
Tipornak engem ellenségeim egész nap; mert sokan hadakoznak ellenem.
A nap magasságától félek; mindazáltal én benned bízom.
Istenben dicsekszem az én beszédeimmel, Istenben bízom; nem félek, bármit tegyen nekem a test.
Napestig káromolják szavaimat; minden gondolatjok ellenem van gonoszra.
Lakást vesznek és elrejteznek; ők sarkamra vigyáznak. De a mint várják az én lelkemet,
úgy ne szabadítsd meg őket semmiképen; haragban összezúzod a népeket, Isten!
Az én életemet elbeszéltem neked; könyhullatásomat szined elé tetted, a mint meg is igérted.
Azért térnek hátra az én ellenségeim, a mely nap segítségűl hílak téged, ime én tapasztaltam, hogy Istenem vagy.
Istenben dicsekszem az igével, az Úrban dicsekszem a beszéddel; Istenben bízom, nem félek, bármit tegyen nekem az ember.
Rajtam vannak, Isten, neked tett fogadásaim, melyeket megadok a te dicséretedre;
mert megmentetted lelkemet a haláltól, és lábaimat az eséstől, hogy kedves legyek Isten előtt az élők világosságában.