Psalm 48

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General information

vv. 10-11, Suscepimus Deus, is both an Introit (Candlemas, Pentecost VIII/OT14 and a Gradual (Ordinary Time 31).

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 47)

Latin.png Latin text

1  Psalmus cantici. Filiis Core, secunda sabbati.
2  Magnus Dominus et laudabilis nimis,in civitate Dei nostri, in monte sancto ejus.
3  Fundatur exsultatione universae terrae mons Sion;

latera aquilonis, civitas regis magni.
4  Deus in domibus ejus cognoscetur cum suscipiet eam.
5  Quoniam ecce reges terrae congregati sunt; convenerunt in unum.
6  Ipsi videntes, sic admirati sunt, conturbati sunt, commoti sunt.
7  Tremor apprehendit eos; ibi dolores ut parturientis:
8  in spiritu vehementi conteres naves Tharsis.
9  Sicut audivimus, sic vidimus, in civitate Domini virtutum, in civitate Dei nostri:

Deus fundavit eam in aeternum.
10  Suscepimus, Deus, misericordiam tuam in medio templi tui.
11  Secundum nomen tuum, Deus, sic et laus tua in fines terrae;

justitia plena est dextera tua.
12  Laetetur mons Sion, et exsultent filiae Judae, propter judicia tua, Domine.
13  Circumdate Sion, et complectimini eam; narrate in turribus ejus.
14  Ponite corda vestra in virtute ejus, et distribuite domos ejus, ut enarretis in progenie altera.
15  Quoniam hic est Deus, Deus noster in aeternum, et in saeculum saeculi: ipse reget nos in saecula.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

1  Great is the Lord, and highly to be praised: in the city of our God, even upon his holy hill.
2  The hill of Sion is a fair place, and the joy of the whole earth:

upon the north-side lieth the city of the great King;
  God is well known in her palaces as a sure refuge.
3  For lo, the kings of the earth: are gathered, and gone by together.
4  They marvelled to see such things: they were astonished, and suddenly cast down.
5  Fear came there upon them, and sorrow: as upon a woman in her travail.
6  Thou shalt break the ships of the sea: through the east-wind.
7  Like as we have heard, so have we seen in the city of the Lord of hosts, in the city of our God:

God upholdeth the same for ever.
8  We wait for thy loving-kindness, O God: in the midst of thy temple.
9  O God, according to thy Name, so is thy praise unto the world's end:

thy right hand is full of righteousness.
10  Let the mount Sion rejoice, and the daughters of Judah be glad: because of thy judgements.
11  Walk about Sion, and go round about her: and tell the towers thereof.
12  Mark well her bulwarks, set up her houses: that ye may tell them that come after.
13  For this God is our God for ever and ever: he shall be our guide unto death.

English metrical Old Version (John Hopkins)

English.png English text

Great is the Lord, and with great praise
To be advanced still
Within the city of our God,
Upon his holy hill.

Mount Sion is a pleasant place,
It gladd'neth all the land;
The city of the mighty King
On her north-side doth stand:

Within the palaces thereof
God is a refuge known;
For lo, the kings are gather'd, and
Together they are gone:

But when they did behold it so,
They wonder'd, and they were
Astonish'd much, and suddenly
Were driven back with fear;

Great terror there on them did fall,
For grief of heart they cry,
As doth a woman when she shall
Go travail speedily.

As thou with eastern winds the ships
Upon the sea dost break,
They were destroy'd, and e'en as we
Have heard our fathers speak.

So in the city of the Lord
We saw as it was told;
Yea, in the city which our God
For ever will uphold.

O Lord, we wait, and do depend
On thy good help and grace;
For which we do all times attend
Within thy holy place.

O Lord, according to thy name
For ever is thy praise,
And thy right hand, O Lord, is full
Of righteousness always.

For thy judgements let Sion mount
Be filled full with joys,
Also of Judah grant, O Lord,
The daughters to rejoice.

Go, walk about all Sion hill;
Yea, round about her go,
And tell the towers that thereon
Are builded on a row;

And mark ye well her bulwarks all,
Behold her towers there,
That ye may tell thereof to them
That after shall be here.

For this most mighty God, our God
For evermore is he,
And unto death we are resolv'd
Our guide he still shall be.

English metrical New Version (Tate & Brady)

English.png English text

The Lord, the only God, is great,
And greatly to be prais'd
In Sion, on whose happy mount
His sacred throne is rais'd.

Her tow'rs, the joy of all the earth,
With beauteous prospect rise;
On her north side th'Almighty King's
Imperial city lies.

God in her palaces is known;
His presence is her guard:
Confederate kings withdrew their siege,
And of success despair'd.

They view'd her walls, admir'd and fled,
With grief and terror struck;
Like women whom the sudden pangs
Of travail had o'ertook.

No wretched crew of mariners
Appear like them forlorn,
When fleets from Tarshish' wealthy coasts
By eastern winds are torn.

In Sion we have seen perform'd
A work that was foretold;
In pledge that God, for times to come,
His city will uphold.

Not in our fortresses and walls
Did we, O God, confide;
But on the temple fix'd our hopes,
In which thou dost reside.

According to thy sov'reign Name,
Thy praise through earth extends;
Thy pow'rful arm, as justice guides,
Chastises or defends.

Let Sion's mount with joy resound,
Her daughters all be taught
In songs his judgments to extol,
Who this deliv'rance wrought.

Compass her walls in solemn pomp,
Your eyes quite round her cast;
Count all her tow'rs, and see if there
You find one stone displac'd.

Her forts and palaces survey,
Observe their order well:
That with assurance to your heirs
This wonder you may tell.

This God is ours, and will be ours,
Whilst we in him confide;
Who, as he has preserv'd us now,
Till death will be our guide.

Metrical Paraphrase (Isaac Watts, 1719)

English.png English text

Great is the Lord our God,
And let his praise be great;
He makes his churches his abode,
His most delightful seat.

These temples of his grace,
How beautiful they stand!
The honors of our native place,
And bulwarks of our land.

In Zion God is known,
A refuge in distress;
How bright has his salvation shone
Through all her palaces!

When kings against her joined,
And saw the Lord was there,
In wild confusion of the mind
They fled with hasty fear.

When navies tall and proud
Attempt to spoil our peace,
He sends his tempests roaring loud,
And sinks them in the seas.

Oft have our fathers told,
Our eyes have often seen,
How well our God secures the fold
Where his own sheep have been.

In every new distress
We'll to his house repair;
We'll think upon his wondrous grace,
And seek deliverance there.

Far as thy name is known,
The world declares thy praise;
Thy saints, O Lord, before thy throne,
Their songs of honor raise.

With joy let Judah stand
On Zion's chosen hill,
Proclaim the wonders of thy hand,
And counsels of thy will.

Let strangers walk around
The city where we dwell,
Compass and view thine holy ground,
And mark the building well;

The orders of thy house,
The worship of thy court,
The cheerful songs, the solemn vows,
And make a fair report.

How decent and how wise!
How glorious to behold!
Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes,
And rites adorned with gold.

The God we worship now
Will guide us till we die,
Will be our God while here below,
And ours above the sky.

Káldi fordítás (47. zsoltár)

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Ének-zsoltár Kóre fiainak a szombat második napjára.
Nagy az Úr és igen dicséretes a mi Istenünknek városában, az ő szent hegyén.
Az egész föld örömére van alapitva Sion hegye, éjszaki oldalán a nagy király városa.
Házaiban az Isten ismeretes, mint az ő oltalmok.
Mert ime a föld királyai összegyűltek, egyesűltek;
ők azt így látván, elcsodálkoztak, zavarba jöttek, megindúltak;
reszketés fogta el őket; oly fájdalom, mint a szülőé,
és a mily rohanó a szélvész, mely összetöri Tarzis hajóit.
A mint hallottuk, úgy láttuk az erők Ura városában, a mi Istenünk városában; Isten alapította azt mindörökre.
Megemlékezünk, Isten, a te irgalmasságodról templomodnak közepette.
Valamint a te neved, Isten, úgy dicséreted is a föld határaig ér; igazsággal teljes a te jobbod.
Vigadjon Sion hegye, és örvendezzenek Júda leányai itéleteid miatt, Uram!
Kerűljétek meg Siont és szemléljétek azt körűl; számláljátok meg tornyait.
Függeszszétek sziveiteket erősségére, vegyétek számba házait, hogy elbeszéljétek a jövő nemzedéknek:
mert ez az Isten, a mi Istenünk örökké és mindörökön örökké; ő igazgat minket mindörökké.