Psalm 36

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Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 35)

Latin.png Latin text

1  In finem. Servo Domini ipsi David.
2  Dixit injustus ut delinquat in semetipso: non est timor Dei ante oculos ejus.
3  Quoniam dolose egit in conspectu ejus, ut inveniatur iniquitas ejus ad odium.
4  Verba oris ejus iniquitas, et dolus; noluit intelligere
ut bene ageret.
5  Iniquitatem meditatus est in cubili suo; astitit omni viae non bonae:
malitiam autem non odivit.
6  Domine, in caelo misericordia tua, et veritas tua usque ad nubes.
7  Justitia tua sicut montes Dei; judicia tua abyssus multa.
  Homines et jumenta salvabis, Domine,
8  quemadmodum multiplicasti misericordiam tuam, Deus. Filii autem hominum
in tegmine alarum tuarum sperabunt.
9  Inebriabuntur ab ubertate domus tuae,
et torrente voluptatis tuae potabis eos:
10  quoniam apud te est fons vitae, et in lumine tuo videbimus lumen.
11  Praetende misericordiam tuam scientibus te, et justitiam tuam his
qui recto sunt corde.
12  Non veniat mihi pes superbiae, et manus peccatoris non moveat me.
13  Ibi ceciderunt qui operantur iniquitatem; expulsi sunt, nec potuerunt stare.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

  In the end. David himself, the Lord's servant.
1  My heart sheweth me the wickedness of the ungodly: that there is no fear of God before his eyes.
2  For he flattereth himself in his own sight: until his abominable sin be found out.
3  The words of his mouth are unrighteous, and full of deceit: he hath left off to behave himself wisely, and to do good.
4  He imagineth mischief upon his bed, and hath set himself in no good way:
neither doth he abhor any thing that is evil.
5  Thy mercy, O Lord, reacheth unto the heavens: and thy faithfulness unto the clouds.
6  Thy righteousness standeth like the strong mountains: thy judgements are like the great deep.
7  Thou, Lord, shalt save both man and beast;
  How excellent is thy mercy, O God: and the children of men
shall put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.
8  They shall be satisfied with the plenteousness of thy house:
and thou shalt give them drink of thy pleasures, as out of the river.
9  For with thee is the well of life: and in thy light shall we see light.
10  O continue forth thy loving-kindness unto them that know thee: and thy righteousness unto them
that are true of heart.
11  O let not the foot of pride come against me: and let not the hand of the ungodly cast me down.
12  There are they fallen, all that work wickedness: they are cast down, and shall not be able to stand.

Vulgata iuxta Hebraeos

Latin.png Latin text

pro victoria servi Domini David
1  Dixit scelus impii in medio cordis eius non esse timorem Dei ante oculos eius
2  Quia dolose egit adversum eum in oculis suis ut inveniret iniquitatem eius ad odiendum
3  Verba oris eius iniquitas et dolus cessavit cogitare benefacere
4  Iniquitatem cogitat in cubili suo stabit in via non bona malum non abiciet
5  Domine in caelo misericordia tua fides tua usque ad nubes
6  Iustitia tua quasi montes Domine iudicium tuum abyssus multa homines et iumenta salvos facies Domine
7  Quam pretiosa est misericordia tua Domine et filii Adam in umbra alarum tuarum sperabunt
8  Inebriabuntur de pinguidine domus tuae et torrente deliciarum tuarum potabis eos
9  Quoniam tecum est fons vitae in lumine tuo videbimus lumen
10  Adtrahe misericordiam tuam scientibus te et iustitiam tuam rectis corde
11  Ne veniat mihi pes superbiae et manus impiorum non me commoveat
12  Ibi ceciderunt operantes iniquitatem expulsi sunt et non potuerunt surgere

Káldi fordítás (35. zsoltár)

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Végig az Úr szolgájaé, Dávidé.
Mondá az igaztalan önmagában, hogy vétkezzék: Nincs az Isten félelme az ő szemei előtt.
Mert álnokúl cselekszik az ő színe előtt; nehogy gonoszsága föltaláltassék és gyűlöltessék.
Az ő szája igéi gonoszság és álnokság; nem akar érteni, hogy jól cselekedjék.
Hamisságot gondol ágyában; megáll minden nem jó úton, a gonoszságot pedig nem gyűlöli.
Uram! a te irgalmasságod az égig ér, és igazvoltod a felhőkig.
A te igazságod, mint az Isten hegyei; itéleteid nagy mélység; az embereket és barmokat megtartod, Uram!
Mely sokféle a te irgalmasságod, Istenem! Azért az emberek fiai szárnyaid árnyékában bíznak.
Megrészegűlnek a te házad bőségétől; és gyönyörűséged patakából itatod őket.
Mert nálad vagyon az élet kútfeje; és a te világosságoddal látunk világosságot.
Terjeszd ki irgalmadat a téged ismerőkre, és igazságodat azokra, kik igaz szívvel vannak.
Ne jőjön rám a kevélység lába; és a bűnös keze ne mozdítson meg engem.
Ott esnek el, kik gonoszságot cselekesznek; kiüzetnek és meg nem állhatnak.

Metrical Paraphrase by Isaac Watts

English.png English text

PART 1. (L. M.)
High in the heav'ns, eternal God,
Thy goodness in full glory shines
Thy truth shall break through every cloud
That veils and darkens thy designs.

For ever firm thy justice stands,
As mountains their foundations keep;
Wise are the wonders of thy hands;
Thy judgments are a mighty deep.

Thy providence is kind and large,
Both man and beast thy bounty share;
The whole creation is thy charge,
But saints are thy peculiar care.

My God! how excellent thy grace,
Whence all our hope and comfort springs!
The sons of Adam in distress
Fly to the shadow of thy wings.

From the provisions of thy house
We shall be fed with sweet repast;
There mercy like a river flows,
And brings salvation to our taste.

Life, like a fountain rich and free,
Springs from the presence of the Lord;
And in thy light our souls shall see
The glories promised in thy word.


PART 2. (C. M.)
While men grow bold in wicked ways,
And yet a God they own,
My heart within me often says,
"Their thoughts believe there's none."

Their thoughts and ways at once declare,
Whate'er their lips profess,
God hath no wrath for them to fear,
Nor will they seek his grace.

What strange self-flatt'ry blinds their eyes!
But there's a hast'ning hour,
When they shall see with sore surprise
The terrors of thy power.

Thy justice shall maintain its throne,
Though mountains melt away;
Thy judgments are a world unknown,
A deep, unfathomed sea.

Above the heav'ns' created rounds,
Thy mercies, Lord, extend;
Thy truth outlives the narrow bounds
Where time and nature end.

Safety to man thy goodness brings,
Nor overlooks the beast;
Beneath the shadow of thy wings
Thy children choose to rest.

From thee, when creature-streams run low.
And mortal comforts die,
Perpetual springs of life shall flow,
And raise our pleasures high.

Though all created light decay,
And death close up our eyes,
Thy presence makes eternal day,
Where clouds can never rise.


PART 3. (S. M.)
When man grows bold in sin,
My heart within me cries,
"He hath no faith of God within,
Nor fear before his eyes.

He walks awhile concealed
In a self-flatt'ring dream,
Till his dark crimes at once revealed
Expose his hateful name.

His heart is false and foul,
His words are smooth and fair;
Wisdom is banished from his soul,
And leaves no goodness there.

He plots upon his bed
New mischiefs to fulfil
He sets his heart, and hand, and head,
To practise all that's ill.

But there's a dreadful God,
Though men renounce his fear;
His justice, hid behind the cloud,
Shall one great day appear.

His truth transcends the sky,
In heav'n his mercies dwell;
Deep as the sea his judgments lie,
His anger burns to hell.

How excellent his love,
Whence all our safety springs!
O never let my soul remove
From underneath his wings.

Metrical 'New Version' (Tate/Brady)

English.png English text

1  My crafty foe, with flatt'ring art,
His wicked purpose would disguise;
But reason whispers to my heart,
He ne'er sets God before his eyes.

2  He soothes himself, retir'd from sight,
Secure he thinks his treach'rous game;
Till his dark plots, expos'd to light,
Their false contriver brand with shame.

3  In deeds he is my foe confess'd,
Whilst with his tongue he speaks me fair;
True wisdom's banish'd from his breast,
And vice has sole dominion there.

4  His wakeful malice spends the night
In forging his accurs'd designs;
His obstinate ungen'rous spite
No execrable means declines.

5  But, Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope,
Above the heav'nly orb ascends;
Thy sacred truth's unmeasur'd scope
Beyond the spreading sky extends.

6  Thy justice, like the hills, remains;
Unfathom'd depths thy judgments are;
Thy providence the world sustains;
The whole creation is thy care.

7  Since of thy goodness all partake,
With what assurance should the just
Thy shelt'ring wings their refuge make,
And saints to thy protection trust.

8  Such guests shall to thy courts be led
To banquet on thy love's repast;
And drink, as from a fountain's head,
Of joys that shall for ever last.

9  With thee the springs of life remain;
Thy presence is eternal day:
10  O let thy saints thy favour gain;
To upright hearts thy truth display.

11  Whilst pride's insulting foot would spurn,
And wicked hand my life surprise;
12  Their mischiefs on themselves return;
Down, down they're fall'n, no more to rise.

Metrical Paraphrase by William Kethe, 1561

English.png English text

1. The wicked deeds of the ill man,
Unto mine heart do witness plain:
That fear of God in him is none,
Though he himself would flatter fain:
His wickedness is judged and known.

2. His mouth is bent to vile deceit,
With ignorance he is replete.
And to do good he hath no will.
In bed he doth for mischief wait,
Full bent to seek the way most ill.

3. Thy mercies, Lord, to heaven reach,
Thy faithfulness the clouds do preach:
Thy righteousness as mountains huge,
Thy judgments deep no tongue can teach,
To man and beast Thou art refuge.

4. O God! how great Thy mercies be!
The sons of men do trust in Thee:
With Thee they shall be fully fed,
And thou wilt give them drink full free
Of pleasant rivers largely spread.

5. The well of life is Thine by right;
Thy brightness doth give us our light;
Thy favor, Lord, to such extend
As knowledge Thee with heart upright.
Thy righteousness to such men lend.

6. Let not the proud, O Lord, prevail;
Nor vain men's power make me to quail:
But lo, they fail in their device,
They mischief work with tooth and nail,
And fall, but can by no means rise.

Metrical Paraphrase by John Hopkins, 1562

English.png English text

1. The wicked with his works unjust
Doth thus pervade his heart:
That of the Lord he hath no trust,
His fear is set apart.

2. Yet doth he joy in his estate,
To walk as he began:
So long till he deserve the hate
Of God, and eke of man.

3. His works are wicked, vile, and naught,
His tongue no truth doth tell:
Yet at no hand will he be taught,
Which way he may do well.

4. When he should sleep then doth he muse
His mischiefs to fulfill:
No wicked ways doth he refuse,
Nor nothing that is ill.

5. But Lord, Thy goodness doth ascend
Above the heavens high:
So doth Thy truth itself extend
Unto the cloudy sky.

6. Much more than hills so high and steep,
Thy justice is expressed:
Thy judgments like to seas most deep,
Thou savest both man and beast.

7. Thy mercy is above all things,
O God, it doth excel:
In trust thereof as in Thy wings,
The sons of men shall dwell.

8. Within Thy house they shall be fed,
With plenty at their will:
Of all delights they shall be sped,
And take thereof their fill.

9. For why? The well of life so pure
Doth overflow from Thee:
And in Thy light we are full sure
The lasting light to see.

10. From such as Thee desire to know,
Let not Thy grace depart:
Thy righteousness declare, and show
To men of upright heart.

11. Nor let the proud on me prevail,
O Lord of Thy good grace,
Nor let the wicked me assail,
To throw me out of place.

12. But they in their device shall fall,
That wicked works maintain:
They shall be overthrown withal,
And never rise again.