Psalm 125

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate (Psalm 124)

Latin.png Latin text

1  Canticum graduum. Qui confidunt in Domino, sicut mons Sion: non commovebitur in aeternum, qui habitat
2  in Jerusalem. Montes in circuitu ejus; et Dominus in circuitu populi sui, ex hoc nunc
et usque in saeculum.
3  Quia non relinquet Dominus virgam peccatorum super sortem justorum:
ut non extendant justi ad iniquitatem manus suas,
4  benefac, Domine, bonis, et rectis corde.
5  Declinantes autem in obligationes, adducet Dominus cum operantibus iniquitatem.
Pax super Israël!

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

1  They that put their trust in the Lord shall be even as the mount Sion: which may not be removed, but standeth fast for ever.
2  The hills stand about Jerusalem: even so standeth the Lord round about his people, from this time
forth for evermore.
3  For the rod of the ungodly cometh not into the lot of the righteous:
lest the righteous put their hand unto wickedness.
4  Do well, O Lord: unto those that are good and true of heart.
5  As for such as turn back unto their own wickedness: the Lord shall lead them forth with the evil-doers; but peace shall be upon Israel.

English metrical 'Old Version' (by William Whittingham)

English.png English text

Those that do place their confidence
Upon the Lord our God only,
And flee to him for their defence
In all their need and misery:

Their faith is sure still to endure,
Grounded on Christ the cornerstone;
Mov’d with no ill, but standeth still
Steadfast like to the mount Sion.

And as about Jerusalem
The mighty hills do it compass,
So that no foes can come to them
To hurt that town in any case:

So God indeed in ev’ry need
His faithful people doth defend,
Standing them by assuredly
From this time forth, world without end.

Right wise and good is our Lord God,
And will not suffer certainly
The sinner’s and ungodly’s rod
To rest upon his family;

Lest they also from God should stray,
Falling to sin and wickedness:
O Lord, defend both night and day
Thy little flock, and them still bless.

O Lord, do good to Christians all,
That steadfast in thy word abide:
But such as from the Lord do fall,
And to false doctrine daily slide,

Them will the Lord scatter abroad,
With hypocrites thrown down to hell;
God will them send pains without end;
But, Lord, grant peace to Israel.

Káldi fordítás

Hungarian.png Hungarian text

Ének a fölmenetekre. Kik az Úrban bíznak, olyanok mint a Sion hegye; nem fog ingadozni mindörökké,
ki Jerusalemben lakik. Körötte hegyek vannak, és az Úr az ő népe körül mostantól és mindörökké.
Mert az Úr nem hagyja a bűnösök vesszejét az igazak sorsa fölött, hogy az igazak hamisságra ne nyujtsák kezeiket.
Tégy jót, Uram, a jókkal és az igazszívűekkel.
A tekervényes utakra hajlókat pedig az Úr majd eljuttatja a gonosztevőkhöz. Békeség legyen Izraelen!