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Born: La Rue's life before the beginning of his employment by the Hapsburg court in 1492 is a mystery; c. 1452 as a plausible birthdate seems to be based on his parents' marriage.

Died: 20 November 1518


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List of choral works

New Grove list 33 masses, 6 Credos and a Kyrie, 7 Magnificats, 24 motets (not including contrafacta), and 24 chansons. Another 25 works have conjectural attributions, and there is a longer list of dubious and misattributed works.

Title Voices Comments
Absalon, fili mi (Josquin des Prez) 4 the attribution to La Rue is the more fashionable
Amicus fidelis 2
Autant en emporte le vent 4
Ave Regina caelorum 4 contrafact Ave apertor caelorum
Considera Israel 4 2nda pars Doleo super te
Da pacem Domine 4
Delicta juventutis 4
Diligite inimicos vestros 2
Filioli, si quis peccaverit 2
Frange esurienti panem tuum 2
Gaude Virgo 4
Incessament mon povre cueur lamente 5
Lauda anima mea Dominum 4 Ps. CXLVI
Laudate Dominum, omnes gentes 4
Lief, begheeft mij niet 4
Magnificat i toni 4-6
Magnificat ii toni 4
Magnificat iv toni 4 another Mag. quarti toni is attributed to La Rue, Josquin, Brumel or Agricola
Magnificat v toni 4
Magnificat sexti toni 5
Magnificat vii toni 4
Magnificat viii toni 4
Maria mater gratiæ 5
Miserere mei 2
Missa Ista est speciosa 5
Missa pro defunctis 5
Missa Sub tuum præsidium In Misse Antonii de Févin etc. (Ottaviano Petrucci) 1515
Missa Tandernaken 4
Myn hert altyt heeft verlanghen 4
Ne temere quid loquaris 2
Non salvatur Rex 2
O domine Jesu Christe 4
O salutaris hostia 4 (see also Wir danken dir,)
Pater de caelis deus 6 Trinity
Pourquoi non 4
Quis dabit pacem 4 text lost
Regina caeli 4
Salve mater salvatoris 4
Salve Regina 4 ? 1 of 6 (all dorian & a 4; I is canonic, IV alternatim)
Sancta Maria virgo 3
Si dormiero 3 ascriptions to Isaac, Agricola and Finck
Vexilla Regis - Passio Domini 4
Wir danken dir, o Gottes Lamm 4 contrafact of O Salutaris

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  • Misse Petri de la Rue, 4vv (Venice, 1503)

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