Pierre Moulu

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Aliases: Pierre Moullu; Pierre Molu


Born: c. 1484?

Died: c. 1550

Biography A Petrus Moulu was employed at the cathedral of Meaux between 1505 and 1513. The evidence for the composer being later at the royal court is circumstantial: Fiere attropos (with Anxiatus est in me spiritus meus as cantus firmus) seems to be lament for Anne of Brittany (d 1514). Mater floreat florescat celebrates musicians from Du Fay to Josquin (Moulu's teacher according to Pierre de Ronsard, perhaps speaking figuratively; Missa Missus est Gabriel is a parody of Josquin's motet) and includes younger composers associated with the court, such as the Févins and Mouton. A handful of masses, a score of motets, and a handful of chansons survive.

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