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General information


William Perry's Original Sacred Melodies was published during the 1820s: while the book is not dated, the Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Musuem dates it to [c1820?], and an advertisement in the Warwick Advertiser on 31 October 1829 stated 'The last number of this work is in the hands of the engraver'. The title page of the work confirms that it was issued in parts, noting 'PRICE OF THE COMPLETE WORK, TWELVE SHILLINGS; SEPARATE NUMBERS, TWO SHILLINGS EACH'. The title page describes the music as 'by W. Perry, arranged for four voices, with a separate accompaniment for the Organ or Piano-Forte by W. G. Perry'.

Complete book Publication date and place: 1829 .

Description of contents

The collection was published by subscription, and includes a list of the subscribers. It contains 49 hymn tunes and eight set-pieces (through-composed settings of metrical texts), although of these eight, three are short enough that they are listed in the Hymn Tune Index as 'tunes'. A fully written-out keyboard accompaniment is given throughout.

List of subscribers

Mr. William Arch, Birmingham.

Miss Bacchus, Smethwick Grove, near Birmingham, 2 copies,
Mr. Edward Banister, Southam.
Mrs. Barnett, Leamington.
Mr. Ebenezer Barnett, London.
Miss Baseley, Warwick.
Mr. Henry Baylis, Wilmcote.
Mr. John Baylis, Warwick.
Mr. Thomas Baylis, Kidderminster.
Mr. Thomas Bentley, Leamington.
Mr. Bernard, Organ-Builder, Stratford-on-Avon.
Miss Biggs, Birmingham.
Mr. Bird, Leamington.
Miss Bisset, Leamington.
Mr. Enoch Blakemore, Birmingham, 7 copies.
Miss E. Breakspear, Birmingham.
Mr. Charles Burke Bromley, Music-Seller, Birmingham, 7 copies.
Mrs. Brookes, Warwick.
Mr. Samuel Brown, Warwick.
Mr. William Brown, London.
Mrs. Burbury, Warwick.
Miss Burder, Birmingham.
Mr. John Burton, Warwick.
Mr. Benjamin Butterworth, Nantwich

Mr. Cardell, Birmingham.
Miss Chamberlain, Warwick.
Mr. Thomas Checkley, Warwick.
Mr. William H. Cole, Birmingham.
Mr. William Cookes, Warwick.

Miss Dale, Warwick.
Mr. William Dixon Davis, Warwick, 2 copies.
Miss Day, Birmingham.
Rev. William Day, Edinburgh.
Mr. Samuel Deacon, Professor of Music, Leicester.
Mrs. Dickenson, Birmingham, 2 copies.
Mr. Samuel Dingley, Warwick.
Mr. Edward Dodd, Warwick.

John Edwards, Esq., Stank House, near Warwick.
Mr. Charles Elston, Professor of Music, Leamington.
Mr. John Elston, Leamington, Organist of Hatton.
Mr. Henry T. Elliston, Organist, Leamington, 2 cop.
Mr. Edward Enoch, Leamington.
Miss Evans, Warwick.

Mr. John Fairfax, Leamington.
Mr. William Fairfax, Jun., Warwick.
Miss Fell, Warwick.
Rev. William Field, Leam House, near Warwick.
James Flamank, M. D., Wallingford.
Mr. Joseph Flecknoe, Harbury.
Mrs. Fletcher, Birmingham.
Mr. John Forsell, Leicester.
Miss Fortescue, Stratford-on-Avon.
Mr. Fox, Atherstone.
Mr. R. Freeman, Warwick.
A Friend, 21 copies.
Mr. J. Frost, Leamington.

Mr. John Gibberd, Bedworth.
Mr. Gillard, Kidderminster.
Mrs. Glover, Birmingham, 2 copies.
Miss Godfrey, Warwick.
Miss Gould, Warwick.
John Greaves, Esq., Barford.
Mr. Griffith, Birmingham.
Mr. William Grimerd, Warwick.
Mr. Thomas Gummery, Warwick.

Mr. William Harrison, Buckingham.
Mr. George M. Heathcote, Warwick.
Rev. Thomas Helmore, Stratford-on-Avon.
Mr. Hewett, Long Buckby.
Mr. John Hewett, Professor of Music, Leamington.
Mrs. Heydon, Warwick.
Mr. Heydon, Organist, Sherbourne.
Mrs. Hickling, Kenilworth.
Mr. James Hickling, Warwick.
Mr. John Hickling, Birmingham.
Mr. John Hickling, Leamington.
Mr. James Hill, Leamington.
Mr. Samuel Hill, Leicester.
Mr. I. A. Holmes, Leamington.
Mr. George Holt, London.
Rev. C. B. Hubbard, Banbury.
William Hunter, Esq., Leamington.
Mr. John Hurst, Longford

Rev. George Innes, M. A., Warwick.
Rev. John Angell James, Birmingham.
Mr. David Johnson, Birmingham.
Mr. Jukes, Birmingham.

Mr. Joseph Kiteley, Kidderminster.

Miss Landor, Warwick.
Mr. Charles Lapworth, Blackheath.
Mrs. Luard, Warwick.
Miss H. Lucas, Leamington.
Mr. William Lucas, Warwick.

The Right Honourable Lord Monson.
Mrs. Mackie, Warwick.
Mr. Martin Maides, Sherbourne.
Miss Mansfield, Birmingham.
Mr. Frederick Marshall, Organist and Professor of Music, Leamington.
Mr. James Marshall, Organist and Professor of Music, Warwick.
Mr. William Marshall and Son, Professors of Music, Leamington and Oxford.
Mr. John Mathews, Stratford-on-Avon.
Mr. John Maunton, Kineton.
Mr. John Merridew, Music-Seller, Warwick.
Mr. William Moore, Birmingham.
Miss Moulton, Warwick
Mr. William Muckley, Warwick.

Mr. Henry Naughton, Warwick.
Mr. William Nicholson, Warwick.

Mr. Owen Owen, Music-Seller, Leamington.

Mr. William Peace, Wolverhampton.
Mr. John Pearson, Foleshill, 7 copies.
Rev. Joseph Wilcox Percy, Warwick.
Miss Perry, Warwick.
Mr. John Perry, Birmingham.
John Phipps, Esq., Leamington,
Miss Prichard, Warwick.

Mr. Ralph, Birmingham.
Mr. John Ransford, Emscote, near Warwick.
Mr. James Reading, Jun., Warwick.
Mr. Job Richardson, Warwick.
Mr. William Rider, Leamington.
Mr. Benjamin Rozzel, Leicester.
Mr. Rubery, Birmingham.
Mr. Richard Rudd, Southam.
Mr. John Russell, Kidderminster, 7 copies.

Major-General Sabloukoff, St. Petersburg, 2 copies.
Mr. Isaac Salt, Birmingham.
Rev. William Salt, Lichfield.
Mr. J. Satchell, Jun., Professor of Music, Warwick.
Mr. John Satchell, Warwick.
Miss Smalley, Brailes.
Mr. Smith, Birmingham.
David Smith, Esq., Summer Hill, Coseley.
Mrs. T. Smith, Birmingham.
Miss J. A. Smyth, Warwick.
Society of Singers, High-street Chapel, Warwick.
Society of Singers, Wesleyan Chapel, Warwick.
Society of Singers, West-Orchard Chapel, Coventry.
Mr. John Squires, Warwick.
Mr. Joseph Stanley, Leamington.
Samuel Edward Steward, Esq., Myton House, near Warwick.
Mr. Reuben Stuchbery, Warwick.
Miss Suffield, Birmingham.
Mr. Samuel Wilson Suffield, Birmingham.
Mr. William Suffield, Birmingham.

Mr. Taylor, Birmingham.
Mr. Thorn, Banbury.
Mr. Benjamin Thurnam, Warwick.
Mr. Joseph Thurnam, Birmingham.
Mr. Edmund Tims, Warwick, Organist of Hampton-Lucy, 2 copies.
Richard Tomes, Esq., Warwick.
Mr. William Tongue, Birmingham.
Josiah Twamley, Esq., Warwick.

— Walker, Esq., Guy’s Cliff Lodge, near Warwick.
Rev. Elias Webb, M. A., Moreville House, Sherbourne.
Mr. Thomas Wells, Warwick.
Mr. Robert Whitehead, Leamington.
Mr. Henry Whittell, Leamington.
Miss Williams, Warwick.
Miss A. Woodward, Warwick.

Mr. J. Yates, Birmingham.

List of works

Pages Description Text
011-9 POPE'S ODE. H. 241 Burder. Vital spark of heavenly flame
0210 SINCERITY. Sevens. H. 250 Rippon, H. 58 Burder. Tis a point I long to know'Tis a point I long to know
0311 CHURCH STREET. L.M. Ps. 137. New Vers. When we, our wearied limbs to rest
0412-14 SABBATH SCHOOL. L.M. Ps. 150 New Vers. O praise the Lord in that blest place
0515 HOPE. C.M. Ps. 71 New Vers. In thee I put my steadfast trust
0616 CHERRY LANE. C.M. Ps. 33 New Vers. Let all the just to God with joy
0717-22 DESIRE. Revd J. Jerard. Sad is my heart, all pensive and forlorn
0823 NEW STREET. C.M. H. 124 Burder. When all thy mercies, O my God
0924 BARRELS. P.M. H. 55 Wesley. H. 49 Burder. He comes, he comes, the judge severe
1025 ENLARGEMENT. C.M. Ps. 34 New Vers. Through all the changing scenes of life
1126 LICHFIELD. S.M. H. 170 Burder. With heart and lips unfeigned
1227 St MARY'S. L.M. Ps. 41 Watts. Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears
1328 CHESTER. S.M. Ps. 67 New Vers. To bless thy chosen race
1429 NORTHUMBERLAND. C.M. H. 71 Burder. When Israel was from Egypt freed
1530 HUMILITY. P.M. H. 134 Burder. Come, my soul, before the lamb
1631 STROUD. P.M. H. 115 1st p. Rippon. H. 167 Burder Come, ye sinners, poor and wretched
1732 MOSCOW. L.M. Ps. 93 New Vers. With glory clad, with strength arrayed
1833-34 BRITAIN. P. 100, 2d Metre, 1st Verse, Watts. Sing to the Lord with joyful voice
1935 APPLEDORE. P.M. H. 84, Burder. Holy Ghost, dispel our sadness
2036 MOUNT ARARAT. L.M. H. 147, Rippon. Now let us raise our cheerful strain
2137 CENTURY. L.M. H. 419, 1st part, Rippon. Behold th'expected time draw near
2238 FRIENDSHIP. P.M. H. 162 Burder. Ye servants of God, your master proclaim
2339 EXPOSTULATION. P.M. H. 29 Burder. H. 301 Rippon. Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
2440-48 ASCENSION. H. 106, Burder, 145 Rippon. Our Lord is risen from the dead
2549-57 ADORATION. H. 62, B. 1. Watts. Come let us join our cheerful songs
2658-59 PERTH . L.M. H. 205. Burder. Lord, in the temples of thy grace
2760 BENEVOLENCE. L.M. Ps. 41. Watts. Blest is the man whose bowels move
2861 RETRIBUTION. P.M. H. 557. Rippon. Day of judgement, day of wonders
2962 LONGFORD. P.M. H. 255. Burder. Holy Ghost, inspire our praises
3063 LUTTERWORTH. L.M. H. 11, B. 2, Watts. I send the joys of earth away
3164 RANSOM. Sevens. H. 151. Burder. Blessed are the sons of God
3265-75 REFLECTION. H. 105, Burder. From heaven the loud, th'angelic song began
3376 INDUSTRY. C.M. H. 55. Burder. Come, ye that know and fear the Lord
3477 HASELEY. S.M. H. 111, 2d part, Rippon. H. 132 Burder. Grace all the work shall crown
3578-80 BEULAH. C.M. P. 117. New Version. With cheerful notes let all the earth
3681-91 CONTEMPLATION. H. 17, B. 2, Watts. Rise, my soul, and leave the ground
3792 HOSANNA. C.M. Double. H. 35, B. 2, Watts. Let them neglect thy glory, Lord
3893 INDIA. C.M. Ps. 108, New Vers: O God, my heart is fully bent
3994 CUBBINGTON. C.M. Ps. 9, New Vers: To celebrate thy praise, O Lord
4095 TRIUMPH. Sevens. H. 69, Rippon. H. 50, Burder. Now begin the heavenly theme
4196 EBENEZER CHAPEL. L.M. H. 61, B. 1, Watts. Now to the Lord that makes us know
4297-102 INSPIRATION. H. 135. B. 1. Watts. Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell
43103-104 WOOLWICH. P.M. H. 28 Burder. H. 567. Rippon. Guide me, O thou great Jehovah
44105-107 WOOTTON-UNDER-EDGE. L.M. H. 63 B. 1. Watts. What equal honours shall we bring
45108 BUDBROOK. L.M. H. 196. Burder. The God who once to Israel spoke
46109 WHITNASH. L.M. H. 508, Rippon. H. 251, Burder. Eternal source of every joy
47110 SNOW-HILL. S.M. H. 34. Burder. Behold the throne of grace
48111 St ALBANS. C.M. H. 40. Burder. H. 316. Rippon. Dear refuge of my weary soul
49112 PHILANTHROPY. L.M. Ps. 136, New Vers. O render thanks to God above
50113 LEAMINGTON. P.M. H. 114. Burder. H. 509. Rippon. Come, thou fount of every blessing
51114 KENILWORTH. Sevens. H. 50. Burder. Now begin the heavenly theme
52115 BANBURY. C.M. H. 26. Burder. In every trouble sharp and strong
53116 COVENANT MERCY. P.M. H. 122. Burder. H. 223. Rippon. A debtor to mercy alone
54117 MARIA. S.M. H. 119. Burder. Awake and sing the song
55118-120 MARKET HARBOROUGH. L.M. H. 47, B. 2. Watts. Now to the Lord a noble song
56121 SCOTIA. P.M. H. 147, Wesley. H. 54. Burder. O love divine, how sweet thou art
57122-124 BOUNTY. C.M. H. 142. Burder. H. 497. Rippon. Now from the altar of our hearts

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Eternal source of every joy 1829 109 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears 1829 27 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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