O bone Jesu, illumina oculos meos

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General information

Based on Psalm 12(13):4-5, 30(31):6, 38(39):5.

Settings by composers

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

O bone Jesu! Illumina oculos meos, ne unquam obdormiam in morte,
nequando dicat inimicus meus praevalui adversus eum.
O Adonai! In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum;
redemisti me, Domine, Deus veritatis.

Variant 1

O Messias, locutus sum in lingua mea: notum fac mihi finem meum.

English.png English translation

O good Jesus! Illuminate my eyes, lest I sleep in death,
lest my enemy say that I prevailed against him.
O Lord! Into thy hands, Lord, do I commend my spirit;
thou hast redeemed me, Lord, God of truth.
Translation by St Ann choir

Variant 1

O Messiah, I have spoken: Lord, let me know my end.

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