O Redemptor sume carmen

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General information

Lyricist: Venantius Fortunatus

Settings by composers

Other settings possibly not included in the manual list above

Text and translations

Verses 1 & 3 are omitted in ibrevary's version.

Latin.png Latin text

O Redemptor sume carmen
Temet concinentium.

Audi Judex mortuorum
Una spes mortalium
Audi voces proferentur
Donum pacis praevium.

Arbor foeta alma luce
Hoc sacrandum protulit,
Fert hoc prona praesens turba
Salvatori saeculi.

Stans ad aram imo supplex
infulatus pontifex
debitum persolvit omne
consecrato Chrismate.

Consecrare tu dignare,
Rex perennis patriae,
Hoc olívum, sígnum vívum,
Iura contra daemonum.

Ut novetur sexus omnis
Unctione Chrísmatis:
Ut sanetur sauciata
dignitatis gloria.

Lota mente sacro fonte
Aufugantur crimina,
Uncta fronte sacrosancta
Influunt charismata.

Corde natus ex Parentis
Alvum implens Vírginis,
Praesta lucem, claude mortem
Chrismatis consortibus.

Sit haec dies festa nobis,
Saeculorum saeculis
Sit sacrata digna laude,
Nec senéscat témpore.

English.png English translation

O Redeemer, hear the anthem
which your gathered people sing.

Hear, O Judge of the dead,
one hope of humankind,
listen to the voices of those who take
the gift that precedes the peace.

On the fertile tree, the kindly
sunlight formed this offering,
which, bowed down, your people gathered
to the ages’ Saviour bring.

Standing in front of the altar,
deeply pleading, the adorned pontiff
repairs all debts
with the consecrated oil.

King of our eternal homeland
consecrate this olive oil,
for our use: a living sign which
Satan’s evil laws will foil.

So may all, both men and women,
Who are by the chrism sealed,
Be renewed, that human nature's
Wounded glory may be healed.

Bathing in the sacred fountain [or wellspring]
Shall the mind from sin redeem;
Where the forehead is anointed
Charismatic graces stream.

Of the Father's love begotten,
Gracing once the Virgin's womb,
Enlighten all who share this chrism;
Close the door that leads to doom.

Let this be for us a feast day,
While the ages pass away,
Sanctified by worthy praises,
And undimmed by time's decay.

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