O Jesu mi dulcissime, adoro te

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Latin.png Latin text

O Jesu mi dulcissime,
adoro te in stabulo commorantem.
O puer dilectissime,
adoro te in praesepio jacentem.

O Christe, rex piissime,
adoremus te in faeno cubantem,
in coelo fulgentem.

O mira Dei pietas,
O singularis caritas,
Christus datus est,
Jesus natus est,
datus est a Patre,
natus est de virgine matre.

O divina ergo proles,
te colimus hic homines
ut veneremur caelites.

English.png English translation

Oh Jesus, my sweetest,
I worship you, living in the stable.
Oh most beloved child,
I worship you, lying in the manger.

Oh Christ, holiest of kings,
we worship you, sleeping in the hay,
shining in the heavens.

Oh, marvellous holiness of God,
most unique kindness,
the Christ is given,
Jesus is born,
given by the father,
born of a virgin mother.

Oh, progeny thus divine,
we venerate you here as mortals,
that we may revere you as immortals.

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