Nicolas Grenon

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Born: c. 1375

Died: October 17 (?), 1456

Biography Grenon is listed as a clerk at Notre Dame de Paris in 1399. He held various posts in Laon, Bourges, Cambrai, the Burgundian court, and the papal chapel (1425-27) before returning to Cambrai for the rest of his life. Fewer than a dozen works survive.

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List of choral works

  • Ad honorem sancte trinitatis / Celorum regnum sempiternum / Isti semper celestibus (motet)|8
  • Ave virtus virtutum, caritas / Prophetarum fulti suffragio / Infelix, propera (motet)|7
  • Et in terra (Gloria; missing tenor?)|6
  • Je ne requier de ma dame (ballade)|4
  • Je suy defait se vous ne me refaites (rondeau or unknown form)|3
  • La plus belle et doulce figure (virelai)|5
  • La plus jolie et la plus belle (rondeau or through-composed chanson)|2
  • Nova vobis gaudia|10
  • Plasmatoris humani generis / Verbigine mater ecclesia (motet)|9
  • Se je vous ay bien loyaulment amée (rondeau)|1

The motet Argi vices/Cum Pilemon is attributed in the Aosta codex to "Nicolao", who might be either Grenon or Nicolaus Zacharie  
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