Mutio Manfredi

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Alias: Muzio Manfredi


Born: 1535 in Cesena

Died: 1609 in Rome


Mutio Manfredi was a writer of poems, letters and tragedies, and a member of the Accademia Olimpica di Vicenza. He was connected with the Gonzaga court in Mantova.

Settings of text by Mutio Manfredi


  • Cento donne, cantate da Mutio Manfredi, 1680. Poems in praise of women, where he often uses (parts of) their given or family names to represent common words. See Perché adoprar catene for an example.
  • Semiramis, 1593. A tragedy not performed during his lifetime, but reprinted even in 1723 by Maffei in his "Teatro italiano".
  • Madrigali sopra molti soggetti stravaganti, 1605
  • Lettere brevissime, 1605

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