Musicorum sex vocum, liber primus (Adrian Willaert)

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General information

Description: Willaert's first book of motets for 6 voices which includes works by other composers.

Title: ADRIANI VVILLAERT … Musicorum Sex vocum, que vulgo Motecta dicuntur … LIBER PRIMVS. (Cantus partbook).
Il primo libro di motetti di M. Adriano a sei. (In the other 5 partbooks).

First Publication date and place: 1542 in Venice: Antonio Gardano.
Subgenre: Motets Language: Latin, 6 voices.

Facsimile: Bavarian State Library

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List of works

# Title Voices Composer
1 Pater noster SATTTB Adrian Willaert
2 Ave Maria Adrian Willaert
3 In te signis radians Jacquet de Berchem
4 Verbum bonum (prima pars) Adrian Willaert
Ave solem genuisti (secunda pars) Adrian Willaert
5 Vocem iocunditatis Adrian Willaert
6 O beatum pontificem Adrian Willaert
7 Vidi sedere virum Adrian Willaert
8 Ave Virgo, sponsa Dei (prima pars) SAATTB Adrian Willaert
O Maria benedicta (secunda pars) SAATTB Adrian Willaert
Igitur nos merito (tertia pars) SAATTB Adrian Willaert
9 Beatus Laurentius Adrian Willaert
10 Obsecro Domine (prima pars) Adrian Willaert
Qui regis Israel (secunda pars) Adrian Willaert
11 O salutaris hostia SATTTB Adrian Willaert
12 O gloriosa domina (prima pars) Adrian Willaert
Maria mater gratiae (secunda pars) Adrian Willaert
13 Salva nos, Domine Jean Mouton or Adrian Willaert
14 In diebus illis (prima pars) Adrian Willaert
Et stans retro (secunda pars) Adrian Willaert
15 Factum est verbum (prima pars) Jachet de Berchem
Ego vox clamantis (secunda pars) Adrian Willaert
16 Venator lepores (prima pars) Adrian Willaert
At Francisce (secunda pars) Adrian Willaert
17 Domine Jesu Christe (prima pars) Adrian Willaert
O bone Jesu (secunda pars) Adrian Willaert
18 O beata infantia (prima pars) Loyset Piéton
O felices panni (secunda pars) Loyset Piéton
19 Beata viscera Adrian Willaert
20 Peccantem me quotidie Jacquet de Berchem
21 Congregati sunt (prima pars) Philippe Verdelot
Disperde illos (secunda pars) Philippe Verdelot
22 Ave virgo gratiosa Jacquet de Mantua
23 Regem regum Anonymous
24 Qui credit in Domino Maistre Jhan

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Ave Virgo, sponsa Dei 1542 Adrian Willaert 8 Sacred Motets 6 SAATTB
O beata infantia 1534 Loyset Piéton 18 Sacred Motets 6 SSAATB
O salutaris hostia 1542 Adrian Willaert 11 Sacred Motets 6 SATTTB
Pater noster a 6 1542 Adrian Willaert 1 Sacred Motets 6 SATTTB
Peccantem me quotidie 1542 Jacquet de Berchem 20 Sacred Motets 6 SATTTB
Salva nos, Domine 1520 Jean Mouton 13 Sacred Motets 6 SATTBB, SAATBB, AATTBB
Verbum bonum et suave 1519 Adrian Willaert 4 Sacred Motets 6 STTTTB