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Born: c. 1648

Died: 24 August 1687


Wise was one of the first generation of boy choristers to be trained by Captain Henry Cook at the Chapel Royal after the RestorationLink to the English Wikipedia article, a generation which also included John Blow and Pelham Humfrey.

The entry in Cathedral Music, Volume 2 (William Boyce) reads:

Michael Wise, was also of the first Set of Children of the King's Chapel, after the Restauration. His first Preferments were to be Organist, and Master of the Choristers to the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, which he succeeded to April the 29th, 1668; and on January the 6th, 1675-6, he was appointed a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal. He became Almoner, and Master of the Choristers in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, on January the 27th, 1686, and died at Salisbury in August, 1687. He was one of the three great Geniuses produced from this first Set of Children: Humphrys had but a short Period, but Blow lived many Years after these his School-fellows, to cultivate with Success his uncommon Talent of Modulation.

Wise appears to have been of a choleric temperament; his death was reported a few months after the event thus: "he was knock'd on the head and kill'd downright by the Night watch at Salisbury for giving stubborne and refractory language to them" on St Bartholomew’s night 1687.

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List of choral works

Services, all with org

Anthems, all with org, for 3vv unless otherwise stated

  • Arise, O Lord, inc.
  • Awake, put on thy strength
  • Awake up, my glory
  • Behold, how good and joyful
  • Behold, I bring you glad tidings, inc.
  • Blessed is he that considereth the poor (The New Church Anthem Book)
  • Blessed is the man
  • By the waters of Babylon, 4vv
  • Christ rising again, ed. M.J. Smith (Borough Green, 1973);
  • The days of man, inc.
  • Glory be to God
  • Have pity upon me, 4vv
  • Hearken, O daughter, inc.
  • How are the mighty fallen (adapted by H. Aldrich as Thy beauty, O Israel)
  • How long wilt thou forget me, inc.
  • I charge you, O daughters, 2vv.
  • I will arise (The Prodigal)
  • I will sing a new song unto Thee, O God
  • My song shall be alway, inc.
  • The Lord is my shepherd, 2vv, ed. M.J. Smith (Borough Green, 1975)
  • The Lord said unto my Lord, inc.
  • O be joyful in the Lord, inc.;
  • O give thanks unto the Lord, inc.
  • O God, when thou wentest, inc.
  • Open me the gates of righteousness;
  • O praise God in his holiness
  • Prepare ye the way of the Lord, 4vv, ed. J.W. Parker, Sacred Minstrelsy (London, 1834);
  • Sing we merrily, 4vv
  • Sonnet 146
  • Thou, O God, art praised in Sion, 2vv
  • Thy beauty, O Israel [see How are the mighty fallen]
  • The ways of Sion do mourn, 2vv, ed. C.H. Kitson (London and Glasgow, 1917)

Songs, catches, etc.

in 16854, 16864

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