Lux fulgebit

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Lux fulgebit is the introit at the Christmas Mass at Dawn; the Liber Usualis gives the verse "Dominus regnavit" (Psalm 93). A few older sources assign it to Feasts of the BVM, and a motet by Ludwig Senfl is described as for Epiphany. The text draws from Isaiah 9:2,6 and Luke 1:33.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Lux fulgebit hodie super nos, quia natus est nobis Dominus
et vocabitur Admirabilis Deus, Princeps pacis,
Pater futuri saeculi cujus regni non erit finis.

English.png English translation

A light will shine upon us today, for the Lord is born to us,
and he will be called Wonderful God, Prince of peace,
The everlasting Father, and his kingdom will have no end.

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