Lay a garland on my hearse

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Lyricists: Francis Beaumont & John Fletcher.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

Lay a garland on my[her] hearse,
Of the[…] dismal yew,
Maidens, willow branches bear,
Say I[she] died true.
My[Her] love was false, but I[she] was firm
From my[her] hour of birth;
Upon my[her] buried body lie
Lightly, [thou] gentle earth.

Note: The words inside the brackets indicate Pearsall's alterations to the original poem by Beaumont and Fletcher.

German.png German translation

Legt den Kranz von dunkler Eibe
sachte auf ihr Grab;
Weidenzweige bringt, ihr Mädchen,
sagt, wie treu sie starb.
Untreu war ihr Lieb, doch sie war
aufrecht immerzu.
Ihren Leib, o Erde, bette
sanft zur ew'gen Ruh.

Poetic translation released under the CPDL license by Jan-Frerk Burmester. The translator would appreciate feedback if you use his translations - please email: jf.burmester At sign.png

Italian.png Italian text

Deponete una corona sul suo carro funebre,
di triste tasso,
o fanciulle, recate rami di salice,
Proclamatelo, ella morì da giusta.
Il suo amore non fu vero, ma rimase sempre retta,
dall'ora in cui nacque.
Grava con leggerezza sul suo corpo sepolto, o nobile terreno.

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