Lamentationum Jeremie prophete liber primus (Ottaviano Petrucci)

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General information

Title: Lamentationum Jeremie prophete Liber primus

Editor – Compiler: Ottaviano Petrucci

Publication date and place: 1506 in Venice by Ottaviano Petrucci.
Description: Petrucci's first book of Lamentations by various composers, also containing other motets. This book was printed on April 8, 1506.

Facsimile: Bologna International Museum and Library of Music

List of works

No. Page Title Composer Vo. Voices
1 1 Adoramus te Domine Anonymous 4 SATB
2 2 Lamentatio Jeremiae Tinctoris, JohannesJohannes Tinctoris 4 SATB
3 8 Lamentatio Jeremiae Ycart, BernhardBernhard Ycart 4 SATB
4 13 Lamentatio Jeremiae Anonymous 3 ATB
5 16 Lamentatio Jeremiae Agricola, AlexanderAlexander Agricola 3 STB
6 22 Lamentations 4 voices Agricola, AlexanderAlexander Agricola 4 SATB
7 28 Lamentations Orto, Marbrianus deMarbrianus de Orto 4 SATB
8 30 Lamentatio Jeremiae Quadris, Johannes deJohannes de Quadris 2 ST
9 45 Popule meus Johannes de Quadris 2 ST
10 47 Cum autem venissem Johannes de Quadris 2 ST
11 47 Sepulto Domino signatum Johannes de Quadris 2 ST
12 48 Passio Sacra Francesco d'Ana 4 SATB

Works at CPDL

Title Composer Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Cum autem venissem Johannes de Quadris Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Lamentations Marbrianus de Orto Sacred Lamentations 4 ATBB
Lamentations 4 voices Alexander Agricola Sacred Lamentations 4 ATBB
Passio Sacra Francesco d'Ana Sacred Passions 4 SATB


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