Lambert Courtois

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Alias: Lambert Courtoys Sr.


Born: c. 1520 in France

Died: after 1583


Naturalized citizen of Dubrovnik, Lambert Courtoys from France worked and lived in Dubrovnik 1554-1570, and then moved to Udine. He is author of first preserved music pieces by a musician active in Dubrovnik. His grandson Lambert Courtoys jr. wrote the first known opera in Croatia, that was performed in Dubrovnik in 1629.

The professionalization of music in Dubrovnik owes much to the members of the Franco-Flemish Courtoys family: Lambert Sr., Henrik and Lamber jr. Lamber Courtoys senior's collection Madrigali a cinque (Venice 1580) devoted to a number of Dubrovnik noblemen, as well as some of his other compositions published in anthologies of that time testify to the high performance level that existed in Dubrovnik.

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