Kentucky Harmonist (Samuel Metcalf)

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General Information

Title: Kentucky Harmonist

Full Title: Kentucky Harmonist, Being a Choice Selection of Sacred Music, from the Most Eminent and Approved Authors in That Science, For the Use of Christian Churches of Every Denomination, Singing Schools, and Private Societies, Together with an Explanation of the Rules and Principles of Composition, and Rules for Learners

Editor - Compiler: Samuel Metcalf

Publication date and place: 1818 by Morgan, Lodge, and Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. – Edition 1

Publication date and place: 1820 by Morgan, Lodge, and Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. – Edition 2

Publication date and place: 1826 by Morgan, Lodge, and Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. – Edition 4


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List of works

1818 1820 Title HTI* First Line Composer–Source Year Key Vo Meter
18a Amanda 5362 Death, like an overflowing stream Justin Morgan 1790 a 4 L.M.
18b All Saints 5859b This life's a dream, an empty show Alexander Gillet 1789 c 4 L.M.
19a 18a Amherst 3360a Ye boundless realms of joy William Billings 1770 G 4
19b 18b Aylesbury 848b The Lord my Shepherd is John Chetham 1717 a 4 S.M.
20 19 Archdale 6282a When God revealed his gracious name Oliver Holden 1793 F 4 C.M.
21a 20a Abridge 4143 When all thy mercies, O my God Isaac Smith 1779 E 4 C.M.
21b 20b Brookfield 3370 Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive William Billings 1770 d 4 L.M.
21b Colchester 1393a Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear William Tansur 1735 D 4 C.M.
22a Bunker Hill 4256 Why should vain mortals tremble Sylvanus Ripley 1781 a 4 886.886.
22b Dover 3540a Great is the Lord our God Short and Easy Introduction 1772 F 4 S.M.
22b 21a Buckingham 2924a Help, Lord, for men of virtue fail Aaron Williams 1763 a 4 C.M.
23a Bourbon 14915b Twas on that dark, that doleful night Beauties of Harmony 1814 a 3 L.M.
23b 22a Cambridge 4665a Jesus, I love thy glorious name John Randall 1786 C 4 C.M.
24a 23a Cookham 2211a Praise to God, immortal praise Divine Musical Miscellany 1754 G 3 77.77.
24b 23b Canterbury 250h Why do we mourn departing friends William Daman 1579 B 4 C.M.
25a 24a Carmel 4946a The Lord, how wondrous are his ways Collection of Psalm-Tunes 1788 D 4 L.M.
25a Pleyel's Hymn 5356c So fades the lovely blooming flower Ignaz Pleyel 1790 B 4 L.M.
25b Pentonville 7124 To bless thy chosen race Francis Linley 1795 A 3 S.M.
25b Conquering Soldier 11076d O when shall I see Jesus Jeremiah Ingalls 1805 e 3 76.76.D.
26a Chester New 16147 He dies, the friend of sinners dies Kentucky Harmonist 1818 a 3 L.M.
26b Little Marlborough 2934 Lord, what a feeble piece Aaron Williams 1763 a 4 S.M.
26b 26a China 8729b Why do we mourn departing friends Timothy Swan 1801 D 4 C.M.
27a 27a Castle Street 9897 Sweet is the work, my God, my King American Compiler 1803 G 4 C.M.
27b 27b Consolation 14117 Once more, my soul, the rising day Lucius Chapin 1813 a 4 C.M.
28a 28a Communion 930a Praise ye the Lord with hymns of joy William Wheal 1720 F 4 C.M.
28b 28b Coleshill 271c Lord, what is man, poor feeble man William Daman 1591 a 4 C.M.
29a 29a Christmas Hymn 1681b A virgin unspotted, the prophets foretold William Knapp 1743 G 3 11 11.11 11.
29b 29b Dalston 2928 The Lord Jehovah reigns Aaron Williams 1763 A 4 66.86.68.
30a 30a Devises 5978 ll raise my song James Tucker 1792 A 4 C.M.
30b 30b Dunstan 3260b Jesus shall reign where-e'er the sun Martin Madan 1769 G 4 L.M.
31a Munich 4982c Tis finished, so the Savior cried Sacred Harmony 1788 b 3 L.M.
31a Dumah 8365 My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so Thomas Shoel 1800 g 4 C.M.
31b 31b Damascus 8368 My God! The spring of all my joys Thomas Shoel 1800 E 4 C.M.
32 32 Enfield 4527a Before the rosy dawn of day Solomon Chandler 1785 E 4 C.M.
33a 33a Fairfield 5861 With reverence let the saints appear Hitchcock 1791 a 4 C.M.
33b 33b Few Happy Matches 4911 Say, mighty love, and teach my song Crane 1788 A 4 886.886.
34a 34a Fiducia 14587b I'm not ashamed to own my Lord J. Robertson 1813 a 4 C.M.
34b 34b Funeral Thought 2931a Hark! From the tombs a doleful sound Isaac Smith 1763 a 4 C.M.
35a St. Michael's 657a O praise ye the Lord, prepare your glad voice Nicholas Brady 1708 C 4 10 10.11 11.
35a 24b Georgia 4740 How vain are all things here below Rudiments of Music 1786 e 4 C.M.
35b Morning Hymn 2761 Awake my soul, awake my eyes John Wainwright 1761 C 4 L.M.
35b Greenfields 16149a How tedious and tasteless the hours Kentucky Harmonist 1818 G 2 88.88.88.
36a 36a Hotham 2786a Jesus, lover of my soul Martin Madan 1762 F 3 77.77.D.
36b 36b Heavenly Spark 10976b Come on, my partners in distress Jeremiah Ingalls 1805 d 2 886.886.
37a Moreton 2436 O may thy church, thy turtle dove John Arnold 1757 C 4 L.M.
37a Hallelujah 14775 Come thou fount of every blessing Wyeth's Repository Part Two 1813 F 2 87.87.D.
37b Namur 750c Blest is the man who shuns the place The Devour Singer's Guide 1711 G 4 C.M.
37b Hermit 8881 Tis night, and the landscape is lovely no more Bridgewater Collection 1802 d 2 11 11.11 11.
38a 38a Irish 1936a Blest morning, whose young dawning rays Collection of Hymns 1749 G 4 C.M.
38b Pembroke 4836 Praise ye the Lord, immortal choir William Dalmer 1798 C 4 C.M.
38b Invitation 13555b Come hither, all ye weary souls Lucius Chapin 1810 a 3 L.M.
39a 39a Kingsbridge 2213a Lord, thou has seen and searched me through Divine Musical Miscellany 1754 a 3 L.M.
39b York 331c Happy the heart where graces reign The CL Psalmes of David 1615 G 3 C.M.
39b Kingswood 7840 Children of the heavenly King James Peck 1799 A 4 77.77.
40 Lamentation 16151 The Son of manthey did betray Kentucky Harmonist 1818 a 3 88.86.D.
40 Middleton Old 4074 Hail the day that saw him rise William Billings 1778 A 4 77.77.D.
41a St. Anne's 664a My trust is in my heavenly friend Nicholas Brady 1708 D 4 C.M.
41a Liberty Hall 13551c Alas! And did my Savior bleed Lucius Chapin 1810 a 4 C.M.
41b 41b Litchfield 6387 How soft the words my Savior speaks Musical Primer 1793 A 4 L.M.
42a Macedonia 7245 Not from the dust afflictions grow Oliver Holden 1796 e 4 C.M.
42b Bangor 1390a Fools in their hearts believe and say William Tansur 1735 d 4 C.M.
42b 42a Mear 909b Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands A Set of Tunes 1720 G 4 C.M.
43 Mountain 9458 When some kind shepherd from his fold Oliver Holden 1803 g 4 C.M.
43 Moulines 8882 Jesus, I love thy glorious name Bridgewater Collection 1802 G 3 C.M.
44a Morality 10014b When beauty and youth are in their full prime David's Harp 1803 G 2 11 11.11 11.
44b Monmouth 14120 Come thou fount of every blessing Lucius Chapin 1813 a 3 87.87.
44 Christmas 3296c Lo, what a glorious sight appears Martin Madan 1769 G 4 C.M.
45a 45a Mount Vernon 4093a All hail the power of Jesus' name Gospel Magazine 1779 C 4 C.M.
45b Newmark 7063 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove Amos Bull 1795 G 4 C.M.
45b New Canaan 14785 On Jordan's stormy bank I stand Ananias Davisson 1813 C 3 C.M.
46a 46a Ninety-Third 10990b Come all harmonious tongues Jeremiah Ingalls 1805 C 4 S.M.
46b Putney 2940a Remember, Lord, our mortal state Isaac Smith 1763 a 4 L.M.
46b New Salem 14766b O thou in whose presence my soul takes delight Wyeth's Repository Part Two 1813 F 3 11 8.11 8.
47a 47a Old Hundred 143a With one consent let all the earth Louis Bourgeois 1556 A 4 L.M.
47b 47b Paris 4121 This spacious earth is all the Lord's William Billings 1779 A 4 L.M.
48a 48a Peckham 4158a Behold the morning sun Isaac Smith 1779 D 4 S.M.
48b 48b Portugal 3965a Lord, when thou didst ascend on high Thomas Thorley 1778 A 3 L.M.
49 49 Pleyel's Hymn Second 8465a While thee I seek, protecting power Ignaz Pleyel 1786 F 4 L.M.
50a 50a Poland 4532a God of my life, look gently down Timothy Swan 1785 c# 4 C.M.
50b 50b Quercy 1434a With all my powers of heart and tongue William Tansur 1735 G 3 L.M.
51a 51a Rochester 967a Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear Israel Holdroyd 1722 A 4 C.M.
51b 51b Rockbridge 14121 Far from my thoughts, vain world, begone Lucius Chapin 1813 C 4 L.M.
52a 52a Rockingham 14593 My God, what endless pleasures dwell Lucius Chapin 1813 A 4 C.M.
52b 52b Silver Street 4091a Come sound his name abroad Isaac Smith 1779 C 4 S.M.
53a 53a Suffield 4141 Teach me the measure of my days A. King 1779 e 4 C.M.
53b New York 2042b Lord, thou wilt hear me when I pray William Tansur 1752 F 4 C.M.
53b Sophronia 4426a Forbear, my friends, forbear, and ask no more A. King 1783 d 4 10 8.10 8.
54a Sutton 2223a Maker and sovereign Lord Divine Musical Miscellany 1754 F 4 S.M.
54b Turin 3294a Son of God, thy blessing grant Felice Giardini 1769 F 3 77.77.
54 St. Lawrence 8887 Rejoice, the Lord is King Bartholomew Brown 1802 G 3 66.66.88.
55 Springfield 4140a Jesus drinks the bitter cup Samuel Babcock 1779 b 4 76.76.D.
55 Finedon 5911 Blessed are the sons of God Charles Lockhart 1792 G 3 77.77.77.
56a Bath 758 Life is the time to serve the Lord A Book of Psalm-Tunes 1713 G 4 L.M.
56a Salvation 15430 O joyful sound of gospel grace Robert Boyd 1816 e 4 C.M.
56b Sicilian Mariners 6141k O turn, great Ruler of the skies Traditional 1792 F 3 L.M.
56b Silver Spring 5380 Were I in heaven without my God Justin Morgan 1790 e 4 C.M.
57a 57a St. Thomas 2933b Shall wisdom cry aloud Aaron Williams 1763 A 4 S.M.
57b 57b Sicily 4443 Jesus, with all thy saints above Thomas Arne 1784 G 4 C.M.
58a Triumph 8063 Begone unbelief, for my Savior is near Alexander Hamilton 1800 A 3 10 10.11 11.
58b The Indian Philosopher 8879a Why should our joys transform to pain Bridgewater Collection 1802 D 4 886.886.
58 Walworth 2739b The Lord, the Sovereign, sends his summons forth John Arnold 1757 D 3 10 10.11 11.
59a 59a Thirtieth 14590 And am I born to die Amzi Chapin 1813 G 4 S.M.
59b 59b Twenty-Fourth 14122 Salvation! O the joyful sound Amzi Chapin 1813 A 4 C.M.
60 60 Tilden 8875 This life's a dream, an empty show Bartholomew Brown 1802 D 4 L.M.
61a 61a Tribulation 14594 Lord, what a wretched land is this Lucius Chapin 1813 d 4 C.M.
61b French 327a The holy triumphs of my soul The CL Psalmes of David 1615 F 4 C.M.
61b Unitia 14118 O tell me no more Lucius Chapin 1813 G 4 55.65.D.
62a 62a Vernon 10998c Come, O thou traveler unknown Jeremiah Ingalls 1805 e 4 L.M.
62b 62b Warren 9038 Let all our tongues be one Isaac Lane 1802 A 4 S.M.
63a 63a Winchester 1664d My refuge is the God of love A Collection of Tunes 1742 C 4 L.M.
63b 63b Winter 4629 His hoary frost, his fleecy snow Daniel Read 1785 F 4 C.M.
64a 64a Windham 4628 Broad is the road that leads to death Daniel Read 1785 f 4 L.M.
64b 64b Wells 975a Life is the time to serve the Lord Israel Holdroyd 1722 F 4 L.M.
65 Charleston 9927 I'll praise my Maker with my breath Musical Primer 1803 G 4 L.M.
66a Berea 5314b Grace! How melodious is the sound Psalmodia Evangelica 1789 B 4 C.M.
66b Evening Hymn 246f Glory to thee, my God, this night Thomas Tallis 1567 G 4 L.M.
67a 67a America 7473 Our days are as the grass Truman Wetmore 1798 a 4 S.M.
67b 67b Amity 4588 How pleased and blest was I Daniel Read 1785 A 4 668.668.
68 All Saints New 5587c O! If my Lord would come and meet Amariah Hall 1791 c 4 L.M.
68 Newport 2264 God of my life, whose bounteous care Harmonia Sacra 1754 D 4 C.M.
69a London New 497h Let ever tongue thy goodness speak The Psalmes of David in Prose 1635 D 4 C.M.
69b St. Martins 1929 O thou to whom all creatures bow William Tansur 1748 A 4 C.M.
69 Bridgewater 4274 From all who dwell below the skies Lewis Edson 1782 C 4 L.M.
70 Bristol 4526 Sweet is the work, my God, my King Timothy Swan 1785 F 4 L.M.
70 German 2971 O come, thou wounded Lamb of God Lock Hospital Collection 1765 d 3 L.M.
71a 71a Babylonian Captivity 14760 Along the banks where Babel's current flows Elkanah Dare 1813 f# 4 10 10.10 10.
71b 71b Bridgetown 14762 Grace! 'tis a charming sound Elkanah Dare 1813 G 4 S.M.
72 Ballstown 12947 Great God! Attend while Sion sings Nehemiah Shumway 1809 F 4 L.M.
72 Tamworth 5916a Guide me, O thou great Jehovah Charles Lockhart 1792 F 3 87.87.
73a Germany 5698a Sing to the Lord aloud George Handel 1732 B 3 S.M.
73a Canaan 8587 Unite, my roving thoughts, unite Lewis Edson 1801 G 4 C.M.
73b 73b Concord 6287 The hill of Zion yields Oliver Holden 1793 C 4 S.M.
74 Content 9855 Since God is all my trust Walter Janes 1803 a 4 S.M.
74 Nantwich 3280a Thus saith the high and holy one Martin Madan 1769 B 3 L.M.
75 75 David's Lamentation David the king was grieved and moved William Billings a 4 Anthem
76 76 Delight 7483 No burning heats by day Simeon Coan 1798 e 4 66.66.88.
77a Dauphin 6167a For life without thy love Jacob French 1793 a 4 S.M.
77b 77b Evening Shade 11090 The day is past and gone Stephen Jenks 1805 e 3 S.M.
78 Eastford 5138 When marching to thy blest above Jacob French 1789 F 4 L.M.
78 Carthage 4092 There is a fountain filled with blood Gospel Magazine 1779 E 3 C.M.
79a Brewer 8182 Thou whom my soul admires above John Hall 1800 F 4 L.M.
79 79b Florida 9903a Let sinners take their course Truman Wetmore 1803 d 4 S.M.
80 80 Exhortation 8108a Now in the heat of youthful blood Eliakim Doolittle 1800 a 4 L.M.
81 81 Greenfield 4278a God is our refuge in distress Lewis Edson 1782 a 4 88.88.88.
82a Orleans 2255c All ye that pass by Harmonia Sacra 1754 a 4 55.65.
82b Armley 920c Stay, thou insulted spirit, stay Georg Neumark 1720 a 4 L.M.
82 Greenwich 4741 Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I Daniel Read 1786 e 4 L.M.
83a Mansfield 3832 The darkness and the light Edward Harwood 1781 E 4 S.M.
83b Amsterdam 1648c Rise thy soul and stretch thy wings Johann Hille 1742 G 4 76.76.D.
83 Huntington 5372a Lord, what a thoughtless wretch was I Justin Morgan 1790 A 4 L.M.
84 84 Jordan 4690a There is a land of pure delight William Billings 1786 A 4 C.M.
85a Coventry 2934 Lord, what a feeble piece Aaron Williams 1763 a 4 S.M.
85a Lenox 4280 Blow ye the trumpet, blow Lewis Edson 1782 C 4 66.66.88.
85b 85b Liberty 8114 No more beneath the oppressive hand Stephen Jenks 1800 F 3 C.M.
86 86 Majesty 4014 The Lord descended from above William Billings 1778 F 4 C.M.
87 Montgomery 5375 Early, my God, without delay Justin Morgan 1790 C 4 C.M.
87 Ashley 3662a To our Redeemer's glorious name Gospel Magazine 1774 G 4 C.M.
88 88 Mortality 7198 Stoop down, my thoughts, that used to rise Smith 1796 e 4 C.M.
89a Easton 751a That awful day will surely come James Green 1713 a 4 C.M.
89a Melody 8529 Sweet is the memory of thy grace Lewis Edson 1801 A 3 C.M.
89b 89b North Salem 7801 My soul, come meditate the day Stephen Jenks 1799 e 3 C.M.
90 90 New Jerusalem 7206a From the third heaven where God resides Jeremiah Ingalls 1796 G 4 C.M.
91 91 Newburgh 7656 Let every creature join Amos Munson 1798 C 4 S.M.
92a Surry 1034b O come, loud anthems let us sing Henry Carey 1723 G 4 L.M.
92a Norwich 4138a My sorrows, like a flood Oliver Brownson 1779 a 4 S.M.
92b 92b Ninety-Fifth 14592 When I can read my title clear Lucius Chapin 1813 A 4 C.M.
93a Arlington 4443 Jesus, with al thy saints above Thomas Arne 1784 G 4 C.M.
93a New Durham 10187b Hark! From the tombs a doleful sound B. Austin 1803 b 4 C.M.
93b 93b Northfield 7998a How long, dear Savior, O how long Jeremiah Ingalls 1800 C 4 C.M.
94 94 Ocean 5013a Thy works of glory, mighty Lord Timothy Swan 1789 F 4 C.M.
95 Ode on Science The morning sun shines from the east G 3 Anthem
95 Lonsdale 4973 The hill of Zion yields Arcangelo Corelli 1700 C 4 S.M.
97 96 Portuguese Hymn 6979c Hither, ye faithful, haste with songs of triumph John Wade 1782 A 3 11 11.11 11.
98 97 Repentance 7233 O, if my soul were formed for woe John Rollo 1796 f# 4 C.M.
99a 98a Russia 4789 False are the men of high degree Daniel Read 1787 a 4 L.M.
99b 98b Sutton 6186 Save me, O God, the swelling floods Ezra Goff 1793 f# 3 C.M.
100 Southwell 4790 Tis finished, the Redeemer said Elihu Carpenter 1787 E 4 886.886.
102 99 Sherburn 4622a Songs of immortal praise belong Daniel Read 1785 D 4 C.M.
102 Cheshunt Our Lord is risen from the dead D 3 L.M.
103 100 Symphony 5382 Behold the judge descends, his guards are nigh Justin Morgan 1790 E 4 10 10.11 11.
104a 101a Williamstown 4647a Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive Beauties of Psalmody 1786 a 4 L.M.
104b 101b Whitestown 995e Awake my heart, arise my tongue Nikolaus Herman 1722 G 4 C.M.
105 108 Denmark 3257a Before Jehovah's awful throne Martin Madan 1769 D 3 L.M.
108 111 Easter Anthem The Lord is risen indeed William Billings A 4 Anthem
111 114 Judgment Anthem Hark ye mortals, hear the trumpet e 4 Anthem
119 124 Kedron 8222 Thou sweet sliding Kedron, by thy silver stream William Miller 1800 F 3 11 11.11 11.
121 125 New York Anthem Vital spark of heavenly flame G 3 Anthem
125 128 Washington 8235 Our souls, by love together knit William Miller 1800 G 4 C.M.

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer Arranger Lyricist First Line Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices Meter
Abbeville 1813 Amzi Chapin Elisha J. King Benjamin Beddome Sacred 4 SATB
Davis 1813 Anonymous Joseph Swain O thou in whose presence my soul takes delight Sacred 3 STB 11 8. 11 8
Hallelujah 1813 Anonymous Robert Robinson Come, thou fount of every blessing Sacred Hymn tunes 2 TB 87. 87. D
New Monmouth 1813 Lucius Chapin Robert Robinson Come thou fount of every blessing Sacred 4 SATB 87. 87
Thirtieth 1813 Amzi Chapin Charles Wesley And am I born to die Sacred 4 SATB 66. 86 (S.M.)