Josquinus ab Holtzen

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Born: c.1610

Died: 1657


Josquinus Ab Holtzen came from the town of Schönberg/Šumperk in Moravia.
In 1626 he was listed as a student of the high school in Kolberg/Kołobrzeg (West Pomerania), and in 1627 he was matriculated at the University of Frankfurt a.d. Oder. Around 1631 Ab Holtzen became cantor in Belgrad/Białogard, later on pastor in Gellen/Jeleń, near Neustettin/Szczecinek. From 1633 until his death in 1657 he was pastor in Ratzebuhrstadt/Okonek (West Pomerania). Josquinus had a daughter, Dorothea von Holzen, who in 1658 married his successor as a pastor, Martin Münzenberg.
Possibly Josquinus came from a famliy of french Hugenots, and his surname 'Ab Holtzen' is a transformation of 'Dubois'. His forename may refer to the 15th Century flemish composer Josquin Desprez, and testify to the musical traditions in the family.

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