John Foster

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Born: 1752

Died: 4 October 1822


John Foster was a coronerLink to the English Wikipedia article and amateur musician in South YorkshireLink to the English Wikipedia article. Two books of his compositions, sacred works scored for choir with keyboard (organ or piano) and orchestral accompaniments, were published around 1818-1819. Both books were dedicated to Richard Lumley-Saunderson, 6th Earl of ScarbroughLink to the English Wikipedia article, and published in YorkLink to the English Wikipedia article by Samuel Knapton. At this time, Foster was living at High GreenLink to the English Wikipedia article, in the parish of EcclesfieldLink to the English Wikipedia article.

An advertisement on p2 of the York Herald on 7 November 1818 announced the publication of Foster's first book, Sacred Music, 'this day', and indicated that his second book, A 2d Collection of Sacred Music, would be 'sent to press immediately'.

Foster died on 4 October 1822: a notice on p3 of the Sheffield Independent on 5 October 1822 indicated that he had died at the Bull and Mouth Inn in SheffieldLink to the English Wikipedia article, and that 'He was taken ill while attending an inquest, about a week ago, at the Inn where he breathed his last'.

The 'Fifteenth Meeting of the Yorkshire Amateurs', a musical festival, was held in York in June 1823. A report of the concerts was given on p3 of the Yorkshire Gazette on 21 June 1823, with the comment that 'we were much pleased with the anthem "O all ye Nations," composed by the late Mr. Foster, of High Green House; and performed in memory of the author, who was the founder of these delightful meetings'. This would appear to be the setting of O all ye nations of the world published in Sacred Music.

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List of choral works

Set-pieces (through-composed settings of metrical psalm texts)

  • O all ye nations of the world
  • The heavens are thine and still have been

Hymn tunes

Metrical psalm tunes

  • Fall down and worship ye the Lord
  • Lord, unto thee I make my moan
  • My shepherd is the living Lord
  • O come let us lift up our voice
  • O would to God it might thee please
  • Praise ye the Lord, for he is good
  • Sing ye with praise unto the Lord
  • Such as in God the Lord do trust
  • The God of Gods, the Lord
  • Thee will I praise with my whole heart
  • Ye people all with one accord

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