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Born: ???

Died: 1591 or 1592


Johannes [Jhänj] Lockenburg [Lochemburgo] (d. Munich, 1591 or 1592) was a ?German composer, organist, and valet at the court of Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria in Munich, where the treasury accounts first record payments made to him in 1558. Later he was a composer in Lassus’s Kapelle, and around 1562 he took up a permanent position as organist. In that same year Massimo Troiano (in his Discorsi delli Triomphi) praised his compositional skill.

As one of a number of accomplished minor composers around Lassus, he enjoyed the close company of musicians in the Landshut Kapelle of Duke Wilhelm V, including Anton Gosswin. Of his three parody masses (all that we have of his compositional output), two were wrongly attributed to Lassus after the master’s death; errors perpetuated on occasion thereafter.

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