Johannes Galliculus

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Aliases: Alectorius; Hähnel; Hennel


Born: ca. 1490

Died: ca. 1550


Galliculus was the 2nd Thomaskantor in Leipzig

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List of choral works

Other works

  • Aliud officium Paschale, 4vv, 1539
o Evangelium in die paschae
  • Ave vivens, hostie, 4vv
  • Cavete a scribis, 4vv
  • Christus resurgens, 4vv
  • Duo homines ascenderunt, 4vv
  • Immunem semper, 4vv
  • In cathedra Moysi, 4vv
  • Magnificat quarti toni, 4vv,
  • Magnificat quinti toni, 4vv
  • Magnificat septimi toni, 4vv
  • Missa 'Christ ist erstanden', 4vv, 1539
  • Non ex operibus, 4vv
  • Passio Domino nostri Jesu Christi, 4vv, 1538
  • Proprium mass for Christmas, 4vv, 1545
  • Psalm. Quare fremuerunt gentes, 4vv
  • Venite post me, 4vv

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