João de Deus Castro Lobo

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Born: 1794

Died: 1832


Born in Vila Rica, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1794, João de Deus Castro Lobo died young in Mariana, probably of a tuberculosis, in 1832. Quitéria da Costa Silva was his mother. His father Gabriel de Castro Lobo outlived the son, for in 1842 he still paid his fees to the brotherhood of St. Francis of Paulas.

Father João de Deus completed his ecclesiastic studies at the seminary of Mariana. From 1817 to 1824 he acted professionally as organist at the church of the thirds of Carmel in Vila Rica, where he also conducted the 16 musician orchestra of the Opera Theater. He was promoted to chapel master of the See of Mariana, where by the end of his life he acted also as organist.

His works correspond to the period of transition between Classicism and Romanticism.

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