Jacopo da Bologna

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Born: unknown, flourished 1340-1360

Died: unknown


Believed to have been born in or near Bologna. Spent the majority of his adult life in Milan and Verona, From 1339-49, he served at the court of Luchino Maschino in Milan. then Verona until 1352, and then back to Milan.

Lux purpurata is his only known motet. He also wrote one lauda. Of his 32 madrigals, 25 are fpr 2 voices and the others for 3 voices, though a few have a version in both 2vv and 3vv. He wrote a treatise on the art of measured polyphony, L'arte del biscanto misurato.

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List of choral works

  • Lux purpurata, a 3vv

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