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Marko Ivan Lukačić (Lucacich or Lucacih, Fr. Joannes de Sibinico


Born: 1585 in Šibenik, Croatia.

Died: 1648

Biography Lukačić's exact date of birth is unknown, and in 1587 he was baptised in Šibenik where it is believed he was born. Ten years later he entered the Franciscan order when he accepted his monastic name Ivan. In 1600 he was sent to Italy where he studied theology and music. In 1612 he has signed himself as baccalaureus, while at March 23, 1615 he awarded in Rome the degree of Magister Musices (master of music). In 1614 he participated as maestro di cappella at the feast of St Jerome in Croatian church in Rome. He returned to Šibenik in 1618 and two years later he moved to Split, where he became prior of the Franciscan monastery in addition to being director of music at the Cathedral, where he lived until his death. While Lukačić's sojourn in Italy is insufficiently documented, his engagement in Split, both as a prior and musician, left quite a records of first-class importance for the music life of that time in Dalmatia.

The collection Sacrae cantiones (Venice 1620) by Ivan Lukačić, friar of the Conventual franciscan order from Šibenik, is valuable testimony of the sacred music that was performed in Split and is, generally speaking, one of the most significant monuments of old Croatian music altogether.

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List of choral works

Sacrae cantiones (1620):

  • Cantabo Domino
  • Da pacem, Domine
  • Domine, puer meus
  • Nos autem
  • Osculetur me
  • Panis Angelicus
  • Sicut cedrus

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  • Sacrae cantiones (1620), ed. J.Andreis (1979) containing 27 motets for 1-5 voices accompanied by organs.
  • Odabrani moteti, ed. Dragan Plamenac (1930)
  • Cjelovito izdanje moteta, red. Ennio Stipčević (1986)

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