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Born: 1968, Zagreb, Croatia


Conductor IVA JURAS graduated in Music Theory and Education from the Music College in Zagreb, after which she went on to study at the Zagreb Music Academy, graduating in Musicology and Music Journalism. She studied singing with Zlatko Šir, Renata Šeringer and Branka Stilinović. While still at university, she was appointed assistant conductor of the Ivan Goran Kovačić University Choir, in which capacity she collaborated with many prominent conductors and singers and over ten years trained the choir in a large number of oratorios, a cappella pieces and operas. She has attended seminars on choir conducting (Lojze Lebič), baroque music (Catherine Mackintosh, Alastair Hume) and other music areas. She is a member of the Croatian National Theatre Opera choir and a part-time collaborator of the Croatian Radio and Television Choir. Since 2001 she has been the conductor of the Vladimir Prelog Academic Choir. Her work with the choir has earned her and the choir recognition and praise of the musical profession (a silver medal at the Svátky písní international competition in Olomouc in 2002 and a bronze plaque at the international competition Musica mundi in Budapest in 2009). In the autumn of 2007 she took over as conductor of the ensemble Collegium pro musica sacra, with which she won the silver plaque at the international choir competition Musica sacra a Roma in 2009. In 2010 the ensemble under Iva Juras won two gold medals, one at the Zagreb Choir competition and second in the Festa Choralis competition in Bratislava, Slovakia. In November 2017 and 2018 she was appointed head adjudicator of the International Hymn Festival and competition held in the Anglican Church of St. Stephen’s in Nairobi, Kenya. During her stay in Nairobi, she also ran workshops and seminars for choirmasters, solo-singers and choristers, promoting Croatian choral music in Eastern African countries. During spring 2016 she took up the function of artistic director of a well-known male choir, The Physician Singers of Zagreb, which became a mixed choir in the meantime. Iva Juras is also a cofounder of the Festa Choralis Zagrabiensis, festival of the Zagreb University choirs, which started in 2011. She is an ordinary member of the ACDA, actively contributing to various choral and conductors' cooperations. She is author of several choral arrangements (Mici, Terezinka, Kumbayah, Amazing Grace etc.), and original pieces (Lapidabant Stephanum). Her works found places on repertoires of ensembles in Europe, as well as in the USA. A special place took Amazing Grace, with performances in 2016 from the Episcopal Church Choir in Honolulu, Hawaii and Coro UPN from Bogota, Colombia. The song was also performed in Nairobi, Kenya, as obligatory piece at the St. Stephen's IHF, where it was sung by 14 different choirs from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Her closest connections, studies and interest in African music and culture gave her an idea of African music Project, which she performs in collaboration with many various musicians and dancers, promoting Africa and its musical heritage all over.

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