Igor Stravinsky

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Igor Stravinsky


Born: 17 June 1882

Died: 6 April 1971

A modern Russian composer.

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List of choral works

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  • Le Roi des étoiles (The King of the Stars), for men's choir and orchestra (1912)
  • Pater Noster (1926)
  • Symphony of Psalms, for chorus and orchestra (1930, rev. 1948)
  • Credo (1932)
  • Ave Maria (1934)
  • Babel (1944)
  • Mass (1944-48)
  • Cantata, for mezzo-soprano, tenor, female chorus, 2 flutes, oboe, English horn, and cello (1951-52)
  • Canticum Sacrum (1955)
  • Threni (1958)
  • A Sermon, a Narrative and a Prayer (1961)
  • Anthem (The dove descending breaks the air), for chorus a cappella (1962)
  • Abraham and Isaac (1963)
  • Introitus (1965)
  • Requiem Canticles (1966)

List of solo vocal works

  • Romance for Voice and Piano (1902)
  • Faun and Shepherdess, for mezzo-soprano and orchestra, Op. 2 (1907)
  • Pastorale, for wordless soprano and piano (1907)
  • Two Melodies, for mezzo-soprano and piano, Op. 6 (1908)
  • Deux poèmes de Paul Verlaine, for baritone and piano or orchestra, Op. 9 (1910/1951)
  • Two Poems of K. Balmont, for voice and piano or small orchestra (1911/1954)
  • Trois poésies de la lyrique japonaise, for voice and piano or chamber orchestra (1913)
  • Trois petites chansons, for voice and piano (or small orchestra) (1913/1930)
  • Pribaoutki, for voice, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, double bass (1914)
  • Berceuses du chat, for contralto and three clarinets (1916)
  • Three Tales for Children, for voice and piano (1917)
  • Four Russian Peasant Songs, for female voice unaccompanied (1917)
  • Berceuse, for voice and piano (1918)
  • Quatre chants russes, Quatre chants russes for voice and piano (1918/1919)
  • Petit ramusianum harmonique, for single voice or voices (1938)
  • Three Songs from William Shakespeare, for mezzo-soprano, flute, clarinet, and viola (1953)
  • Four Russian Songs, for mezzo-soprano, flute, harp and guitar (1954, versions from Quatre chants russes and Three Tales for Children)
  • In Memoriam Dylan Thomas (Dirge Canons and Song) (1954)
  • Elegy for J.F.K., for baritone and three clarinets (1964)
  • The Owl and the Pussy Cat, for soprano and piano (1966)

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