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Born: 12 October 1719

Died: 19 August 1790


Ignaz Franz was a German Catholic priest, theologian and composer of church hymns. He studied philosophy and theology at the University of Breslau. In 1742, after finishing his studies and finishing the compulsory preparatory period, he was ordained as a priest by Prince-Bishop Philipp Ludwig von Sinzendorf. Shortly thereafter he was delegated vicar of Glogau in Silesia.

In 1753 Franz was appointed archpriest in Schlawa, Silesia. In 1766 Count Philipp Gotthard von Schaffgotsch called him back to Breslau and appointed him to be the head of the episcopal seminary von Breslau. Franz also functioned as the “Assessor for Theological Affairs” at the Apostolic Vicariate.

Franz passed away in Breslau on 19 August 1790 and is buried there.

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