Hotinet Barra

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Aliases: Jehan Barat; Jean Barat dit Hottinet; Hanotin Barra, Hutinet


Born: 1490's?

Died: after 1523

Biography Barra was employed as an haute-contre at Ste Chapelle Paris 1510-12 and as maître de chapelle of Langres Cathedral from 1512 to at least July 1514. He is known to have returned to Ste Chapelle in October 1523.

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List of choral works

  • Missa Ecce panis angelorum
  • Missa CMac L(B)
  • Magnificat secundi toni (i) 15347
  • Magnificat secundi toni (ii) 15347
  • Nuptiae factae sunt, 1521³ (attrib. Elimot in I-Fl acq.e.doni 666; anon. in 10 other sources)
  • O radix Jesse, 15349, S vii;
  • O rex gentium, 15349, S vii;
  • Peccantem me quotidie, Bc Q19
  • Salve regina, 15354, S xii;
  • Verbum iniquum et dolosum, 1539¹0

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