Henry Balfour Gardiner

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Born: 18 December 1877

Died: 22 October 1950


Henry Balfour Gardiner was an English musician, composer, and teacher. Between his conventional education at Charterhouse School and New College, Oxford, where he obtained only a pass degree, Gardiner was a piano student at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt where he was taught by Knorr and Uzielli, who had been a pupil of Clara Schumann. Gardiner taught music briefly at Winchester College (1907), collected English folk music (1905-1906), and composed. His works included compositions in a variety of genres, including two symphonies, but many of his scores are lost and only a very limited amount of his music survives. In part because Gardiner gave up composing in 1925, largely because he was intensely self-critical, and much of his lost music was probably destroyed by him.

His best-known work Evening Hymn (or Te lucis ante terminum) (1908) is a lush, romantic work for 8 part choir and organ, of dense harmonies. For most of the time, it sits in four parts, though the Treble, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts all sub-divide at various points during its duration. It is not explicitly eight part though, such as Charles Woods' 'Hail Gladdening Light' arrangement from a similar time period. It is considered a classic of the English choral repertoire. It is still regularly performed as an anthem at evensong in Anglican churches.

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