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PDF files can be created with many different programs.

Many of the common music notation applications can export PDF files directly, on Windows and OS X (and, for LilyPond and MuseScore, on Linux as well). Sibelius 7 and later, Finale 2012 and later, and MuseScore 2.0 can all export PDF files directly.

  • Sibelius 7 or later: click the File tab in the ribbon, then choose the Export page. From the list of formats to the right, choose PDF, then choose whether to export only the score, the score and the instrumental parts, and so on.
  • Finale 2012 or later: choose File > Export > PDF (Windows), or choose File > Print, then click the PDF button at the bottom of the Print dialog (OS X).
  • MuseScore: choose File > Export, and in the Files of type drop-down at the bottom of the Export dialog, ensure PDF files (.pdf) is chosen.


If your scorewriter does not export PDF directly, you can use a number of different software packages to produce PDF files.

Two recommended free pieces of software are CutePDF and PDFCreator. Both of these applications creates a PDF "printer" - simply go to print your score and select CutePDF Writer or PDFCreator from the list.


Any application can produce PDFs on OS X: simply click the PDF button at the bottom of the File > Print dialog, then in the menu that appears, click Save PDF....

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