Helgi Helgason

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Helgi Helgason


Born: 23 January 1848

Died: 14 December 1922

Biography: Helgi Helgason, Icelandic composer, born in Reykjavik January 23, 1848.
He studied music in Copenhagen, violin and brass instrument studies. When returning to Iceland he founded "Lúðraþeytarafélag Reykjavíkur" (Horn Blowers Association of Reykjavik) and conducted them for many years. He went back to Denmark for advanced music theory and composition studies in 1880. After finishing his studies there he composed many songs for choir and also for the Reykjavik Band. In 1892 his Íslenzk sönglög (Icelandic Songs) was published which is a collection of 29 songs for mixed choir. He moved to his brother, the composer Sigurdur Helgason, in USA in 1902 and lived there for some years. But he did not like it much over there and moved back to Iceland some years before his death in December 1922.

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