Heinrich Hartmann

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Born: c. 1580

Died: 3 October 1616


Heinrich Hartmann was a German renaissance composer. He was born in Rehestadt near Arnstadt about 1580, attended Jena University, and was matriculated in 1600. His first post was his last, as he settled into the position of Kantor of "the church and school at Coburg". In this position he had the opportunity to work with Melchior Frank and Benedikt Faber, and later published occasional works with them. Major works include the 1613-17 collection of the settings of 49 psalms in German, as well as settings of biblical texts and hymns, both familar and new. He also enjoyed the rich textures of multi-voiced motets, writing thirteen 5-part and 6-part, as well as 21 8-part motets for double choir.

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