Harmonia Sacra

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There are a number of publications entitled Harmonia Sacra:

  • Purcell, Henry. ca. 1688. Harmonia Sacra, or Select Anthems in Score. London: John Walsh. 34 pp. (Scan at IMSLP)
  • Playford, John. 1741. Harmonia Sacra: or, Divine Hymns and Dialogues. London: William Pearson. Book 1, 130 pp. Book 2, 112 pp.
  • Grantham, William. 1781. Harmonia Sacra: or, A Choice Collection of Psalm Tunes, in Syncopating, Fuging, and Driving Taste. London.
  • Gawler, William. 1781. Harmonia Sacra: or, A Collection of Psalm Tunes, with Interludes. London, Editor.
  • Purday, Thomas. 1807. . Harmonia Sacra Londinensis; Containing One Hundred and Fifteen New Psalm and Hymn Tunes. London: Purday and Britton. 192 pp.
  • Challoner, Neville. 1811. Harmonia Sacra. London: Skillern and Co. 13 pp. Another Edition in 1817.
  • Hewitt, James. 1812. Harmonia Sacra. Boston: Joseph T. Buckingham. 120 pp.
  • Butts, Thomas. 1816. Harmonia Sacra, or a Compilation of Psalm and Hymn Tunes. Andover, Massachusetts: Flagg and Gould. 243 pp.
  • Robertson, John, and J. Chambers. 1817. Harmonia Sacra: a Selection of the Most Approved Psalm and Hymn Tunes. Glasgow: R. Hutchinson. 16 pp.
  • Southgate, Charles. 1818. Harmonia Sacra. New York: Edward Riley. 71 pp.
  • Funk, Joseph. 1832. Harmonia Sacra, Being a Compilation of Genuine Church Music. Singers' Glen, Virginia: Authors. Other Editions to 2008.