Gregorio Allegri

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Born: 1582

Died: 7 February 1652

Biography Gregorio Allegri sang treble (1591 to 1596) and tenor (1601 to 1604) at S Luigi dei Francesi in Rome under G.B. Nanino. After posts in Fermo and Tivoli he was appointed maestro di cappella at Santo Spirito in Sassia, Rome in 1628. The following year he joined the papal choir as an alto, being elected maestro di cappella in 1650.

Works in manuscript include 5 masses, 2 lamentations, a Te Deum and the famous Miserere.

He was the brother of the composer Domenico Allegri (c1585 - 1629) but unrelated to the Florentine lutenist Lorenzo Allegri (1567-1648)

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List of choral works

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  • Concertini, 2–5vv, bc, libro II (Rome, 1619¹²) (Book 1 is lost)
  • Motecta, 2–6vv (Rome, 1621)
    • Motets also appeared in numerous anthologies
  • Sinfonia, a 4, ed. A. Kircher, Musurgia universalis (Rome, 1650)

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