Giulio Caccini

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Alias: Giulio Romano


Born: 8 October 1551

Died: buried 10 December 1618

Biography By 1564 Caccini was a treble singer in the Cappella Giulia in Rome, studying with its maestro di cappella Giovanni Animuccia. By 1566 he was a resident of Florence and met Giovanni de' Bardi, whose Camerata included Vincenzo Galilei, Jacopo Corsi and Jacopo Peri. The dedication of Le nuove musiche (with a dedication ghostwritten by Michelangelo Buonarroti the younger) is dated 1601, according to the Florentine reckoning of New Year's from March 25, and was followed by Nuove musiche e nuova maniera di scriverle in 1614.

Giulio was the father of Francesca Caccini.

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